Monday, June 11, 2007

welcome back, normalcy

  1. we're back to normal -- i guess. we had dinner the other night at cafe adriatico.and well like traffic, things are moving aok (i dont know where that metaphor came from, dont ask me). so yeah, better. normal is good. i think saturday marks the end of the angry week i had. even i couldn't explain why i was freaking angry. well, am just thankful am back to pretty normal now. yeah, happy's the way to go :)
  2. *happyhappyhappy* (its difficult to write all perky again after writing all angsty for a while) eto na -- i am officially in love with that family :) really. i can't get over the sibling love, cos it's so there you can touch it and no cheese at all. i am officialy jealous. i've never really wished this hard for brothers. well, cguro am biased cos i crush him, and things probably really do turn up all rosy and all :) i especially love the part that they all belong to this circle of friends and that they love each other to bits, you cant help but notice (and well, smile secretly about it:P). hay. brothers sibs are love :) PS: to you, the adorable little sister, thank you :) you helped me find my way through my angry week. i thought your blog was cute. i heart your family :) ---err, and your brother :p haha
  3. skipped church today. am not very sure why i did and if i should be guilty at all for doing so. i woke up at 5p with a woozy feeling inside my head. it was a 2-hour nap and an attempt to make up for lack of sleep from last night. i took two 200mg advils and then bath in the hopes of the making the headache go away. it kind of did after my bath, but i still felt weird. i decided against going to church. am not very sure if i skipped because i wanted to watch tv (because aircon in the parental units' room was on and it was the better alternative to the sweltering heat outside the.. room) OR that my headache was real. still thinking.
  4. sleepover last night at my house. there was mahal, eds, joeam and the boyps, and lahainie. laughtrip all the way :) it was really fun and very much unplanned. we were hanging out at mcdo late afternoon and then after the meal felt like going somewhere. we ended up at gagags' house and then for some reason ended up in my house after. we caught flight plan on dvd, and boy was i hrmm.. impressed(?). big twists are the in thing in hollywood movies i guess. we hit the sack at 4-ish in the morning which i am guessing was the friggin reason for the headache.
  5. dad made it very clear that i shouldn't be joining eds and mahal in their training workshop (eds was teaching aga how to ride the motorcycle and for some reason they decided to call the tutoring that :P), which only means no learning to ride the motor bike for me -- and well, implicitly no riding the motor bike for me. i somehow got around the implicit part inside my head and yes, i did ride with eds. *shhh.
  6. today i learned how to drive a motorbike :) it was really weird cos i can very well remember my dad telling me to not learn because it is unbecoming of a girl/lady/woman. but for some weird twist of fate he decided to pull out kuya gin's bike and went on to teach me. cool :) so now, i kind of know how to drive :)
  7. sometimes i do miss organized religion. and i know i miss for all the wrong things.. and the things that make it wrong. i miss the singing, the bands, the many people you get to talk to after the service, the youth thingums, camp (!!!! :P)and all those other shallow things. but yeah, i guess despite all these glossy reasons for missing it, am convinced am missing it for the same wrong things that made us leave it :)
  8. i like Inviting a Day :) i think OPM/indie OPM *coughseverocough* is really good. rocks my socks :) i think the music i like kind of reflects the way i feel. ive been scoffing at dreamsounds lately and been more into noisy/band-y/club sounds. the lets-be-happy types. ive been liking erykah badu and bob marley lately, too :) reggae and rnb are love :) i need go-out-buddies. anyone interested? :) like its-a-friday-night-lets-go-out-watch-some-band-and-shout-our-lungs-out *coughseverocough* and have a smashing time :) anyone? anyone? :) lets go out!
  9. saving sally :) i somehow found my way to this indie movie. its from this tvc/mtv director avid liongoren (am not very sure if i got the last name right). the movie blurb says "typical teen film" and it is. sally, the best friend marty the perennially there character who cannot seem to get the girl, and nick who is the boy sally hearts. the story line is simple, clean and crisp (at least basing from the trailer :P). the movie is in english (and the dialogues are witteh! alavet! :P) and the backgrounds are sketches/digital art/ something something -- am guessing may tawag dun na some nosebleed term, which i happen to not know. there's something about the movie that makes me all giddy :) loveitloveitloveit! :) i wanna watch :) ooh isa pa -- theres this video clip sa director's log that i weirdly feel a special affinity to. the video has marty telling the story of how he earned the title "best friend". theres somethingsomething about that vid that makes me go "aaww" everytime i see it :)

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