Sunday, June 03, 2007

so much for plans

Saturday morning (again) and am home. we were supposed to be Baguio-bound at 5a last Friday but things got muddled up. Mum woke up with a bad vertigo attack and her blood pressure shot up like crazy. she was dizzy the entire time so we had to bring her to the hospital. i figured it was pretty insensitive of me to still wait for my mum to get well immediately (not necessarily just because i want her to, but) because i still wanted to push through with Baguio. i know, that was bad kid at its worst.

even with the cancelled trip and all, am pretty good. really :) and now (in an attempt to redeem myself from that bad kid stigma) i hope my mum gets well. seriously gets well. i know she's really having an awful time lying in bed all day with that woozy feeling inside her head. so Lord, i hope you please let my Mum well :)

anyway, the reason for this entire trip was mum and dad's 22nd anni -- so, happy anniversarry to you two :) wow, 22 years IS long :)

eto pa. me and my mum have been planning to do this antagal na. and we only got to doing it laaast..err, Thursday. i took random shots of the shoe but my mum (and well, that anal part of her :P) wanted me to take "decent fotos" of the shoes. so yeah, i ended up doing this makeshift "studio" :) haha

i have another kwento :) eto na, indulge me on the giddy gradeschooler thingum i'll do here -- just when i thought my cryptic "you" was a phantom (OR specter, i learned from my socio 10 class :P) of my crazy imagination, i find this "you". well, not really find find -- more like online find. (i can hear whispers that vaguely sound like " pathetic". gah)*immediately gets over* gahd, he's just so... so.. hmm.. so right :P you just dont know. this is so freaky, it's amazing. i say scruffy and i find my "you" scruffy in the hot (my hot) way, dances, has this kid boy charm, has self-deprecating humor -- the non-annoying kind, speaks (and well, writes) pretty well, and get this -- plays the drums :) aaaaa! haha, sorreh :P btw, hes so freakin retarded. not that that's hot, it's just cute :P

so yeah with my (freaky) skills at stalking, dig in. say hello, to my scruffy :)
maliit lang, cos this world is so eerily connected. i just might be prematurely found out :P just let the imagination fly, and see in your mind how my scruffy figures :) and i have to singit this lang -- two more random things about my scruffy. one hes a rockstar -- kinda rockstar. well, he has a band. and two hes short. prolly just as tall as me. make something outta that :P

in my attempt to go with my theme, see my title so much for plans, i didnt plan this. ick. haha. i suck at this. but yeah, i can type 5 hundred thousand smileys and i can/will not be able to channel this giddy i feel inside :) weeee! :) haha. i know how it's silly and all, but really i miss this feeling :) hay.

and again, because i get trigger-happy when i struggle with emotional extremes, here are snaps of me in various states of retarded :P

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