Friday, October 03, 2008

To my favorite Kleenex boy

In a weird and twisted off chance that you might be reading this, here’s a little piece of my mind,

You make my heart race. You make me smile even when I’m alone. You make look like an idiot because I talk about you to no end. You make me squeeze every teeny detail about you whenever I can, it’s impossible to miss that I’m into you. Time flies when I’m with you, and we seem to have a knack for turning the mundane (not to mention the crappy and nonsense) to interesting conversation. You make me think about you so much I have to write everything so I remember your little eccentricities cause I don’t want them to slip me. I don't know, you make me believe in the fairy tale version of destiny, in the magic of perfect timing, and the realness of happy endings again -- because in that kiddie part of my brain I'd like to believe this is all serendipity :P And even if you’re (insert deal breaker here) it’s still nice to have known you. It sucks that you’re leaving. It sucks more that the day you leave is the end of all this. I won't text you, no nothing from me cos I know that's just going to ruin the magic of it all. And I just know it's not just because you're frickin hot :P


The last time you were here, I was holding back like crazy -- I only mustered a single, lame and super short conversation and well, 2 attempts to see you. Short visits to the room you were in, hidden behind loosely disguised attempts to ask the boss legit work questions. The room which, by the way, smelled insanely like you. I hate that smell. Everywhere I go, it finds its way to my nose and I am reminded of how madly I want to be with you. I don't remember anything you did to wow me, I was just drawn to you. I guess that's the magic of this whole shebang.

So yeah, given the abrupt hello and goodbye, I guess that's it for us and this insane drumming in my chest. Goodbye little BBoy.


  1. Ooh was this the post you were talking about? Totally forgivable. Well...we're friends you know how can I say otherwise? Hahaha kidding!
    Just dont let Bboy read this okay? Waah what if he read this na pala?!What if he's stalking you(din)! See? Am I a great friend or what? Im totally being paranoid in your behalf (on ur behalf?ahhh!screw 198.)

  2. In a twisted way I am kind of wishing he'd somehow find out? Haha. Every time may dumadagdag sa hit counter, ako parang, Shet, baka nabasa na nya!

    Narealize ko, ang dramatic pala nung, Goodbye Bboy! Especially ngayon na parang he's staying pa ata for the next month :P


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