Monday, March 23, 2009

Oh, my phone apparently has Bluetooth

I’ve had my trusty 2600 for almost a year now. It can text, it can call – It’s fine, thank you. But it also has a camera with an unbelievably clear resolution for its type. I’ve never had a camera phone. I had a phone AND a camera pre-2600, and for me that was good enough. So I never got used to taking photos with my phone.

The 2600 I would say is today’s 3210. With a camera. I’ve never been one to get swayed by the phone hype, so no techie adventures for me and my phones. My problem with the 2600 was that it had a camera but didn’t come with a cord connector. I have a few photos taken with my phone for when I forget my camera and I had no idea how to move my pictures out of the celphone

Enter day of enlightenment. After roughly a year of being together, I just discovered last week that my phone had Bluetooth. Which means, I can move my photos to my laptop wireless-ly, and that I should take more pictures using my phone now.

Say hello to a blog entry courtesy of the discovery of my phone’s amazing features! I said the resolution was “unbelievably clear for its type” but the pictures a bit grainy. I just meant clearer than say, I don’t really know phone models, some entry level phone with a camera. Let’s use relativity here. Heehee. Some photos from my phone that found its way finally to my laptop.

Chinatown Kiddie Heaven

One of the schools we visited for my part-time hosting job was this pre-school in Binondo. I have never seen this many cute, cuddly, squishy Chinese babies! I was in heaven! I just wanted to grab them all and squish their pudgy arms and hug them so hard til they cry. Haha! This is a picture of my favourite boy, Baby J. He’s not a yet student cause he’s all of a year old and ten months, he’s baby brother of one of the kids and his yaya was kind enough to let me take photos of this adorable kid. I even got a wet kiss on the cheek :) Baby J’s photos has turned many of bad days to bearable days. How can those cheeks not make your day?

H&E Dinner

I originally didn’t want to go. It was a Friday night, so as usual I had a duffel bag and my change of clothes which consisted of a regular round neck shirt, jeans, and ratty slippers – I call it the UP look. We were really supposed to have dinner that Friday night but Friendcess cancelled last minute so I considered bailing, too. I thought maybe I better be at Mahal’s. But somehow, PV found a way to convince Friendcess to get off work early so dinner was pushing through. When PV texted me, I was halfway to the gym already and if I need to say it again, my change of clothes was the regular school day look. I texted back and said something with slippers. After a few exchanges, I got a text back with the words, “it’s you not your flashy clothes we want to have dinner with”, and I just figured people who say things like that should not be disappointed :) I’m happy I went. Good times, good times.

If only for dinners like this, I’d be back in college in a heartbeat. Miss you guys!

Ooh, one more thing, although Rach denies it, she may have sent me a message with the words and I quote, “katz i miss u”. For one she used ‘z’ for my name, and for another, she just said I miss you. Haha! Don’t worry Rach, even without the Raf message, I miss you, too! I hope that wasn’t too icky. Haha!

Hello back High School

Left to right: Twenty thousand calories in a neatly-packed coffee cup; Me, Rap and Sweet at Starbucks; Genuine concern shown through a yummy drink. Labyu Sweet!

I went back to Mahal’s last Saturday. Incidentally, there were almost 10 of us from high school that night, so it was a happy meeting of sorts. It’s just sad that we have to meet at a wake. I guess the meeting was long overdue because stifled giggles were aplenty, and well inappropriate. Some people we saw Saturday were Sheena, Ging, Ming and Max, Cathy, Aiza, Popo, Rap, Sweet, Dabs, Pao, Thomas, and the ever-present Cho.

We ended up bringing Sweet home. Thanks Rap for acting all BG aka Body Guard and Mark for coming over, and well pretending like he came earlier than he actually did. Hehe. Overpriced gourmet coffee and 2 really large bags of chips shared under the shy moonlight, car trunks and 2 wooden benches make for a good time for catching up.

Thank you Sweet for being pretty much the same person I knew from 5 years ago. More than the free coffee, thank you for still knowing me, and being able to read the look on my face. I am amazed at how you managed to ask me if I was okay when everyone else doesn’t see the difference, or maybe does see it but choose to not pay attention. Knowing you care makes my sadness go away a little. Thank you!

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