Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No judgment allowed

Kid is secretly infatuated with a Facebook dude. Super smart, articulate, in control (just had to add this, but I don't really know if he is :P), and living in the moment (this I also know nothing of, but it kinda sounds sexy to be able to describe someone as that). Must I state again, virtual crush so I know um, virtually nothing about him. This got me thinking, virtual crushes like this are scarily treading the thin line between funny stalking to sleazy internet obsessions. Since this still is the first time am talking about him, I think it would still be safe to say, this is funny. Maybe a good ten entries away from becoming sleazy. So yeah, green and go on the gushing.

Facebook dude is a darling. When I said smart, I meant
magna cum laude smart from this college (in UP no less) that shall remain unnamed. I figured that the 08 batch from their college had like less than 5 magnas, and he was one of the what, 2 boys. So no, I have decided to not name this college. Hint, people from aforementioned college like to create um, plans. Don't ask me why I know these things.

In my defense, the social web says we only are one degree apart, which means I need only this one person that links us to I don't know, introduce us. The introduction never happened, unfotunately, so yeah, we really don't know each other. Or to be more blunt, he doesn't know me. But Facebook has been helpful, and if it weren't exactly freaky, I'd probably say that I know him quite a bit. Throwing freaky internet-ing aside, I may actually have heard stories about him from this circle let's call the um, the interface.

I may have actually seen him in person. I remember having this thing for a GE class in Aldaba Hall. We had to watch a play for the SEA30 class in this really small theater. Outside the theater was a cocktail area, and right by the table was this interesting dude, who oddly looked familiar. I thought he was cute and he looked smart -- I don't know how I gauge that but for some reason he was sending out that vibe. A few shy glances and some outright ogling after, I figured he was brother to this other really smart boy from um, the interface. And then I realized he was that boy they were talking about -- the one who was outrageously smart, got a an
uno in Calculus, and that one I missed him by a full sem.

Dude's somewhere in Asia doing what he does best. He's living away from home, and more importantly living The Life and kicking butt. The only person I've recounted this story to was Neng. And yes, no judgment :P

EDIT: In my defense um,
again, (and I'd still like to think two disclaimers after, this still isn't being defensive :P) Facebook dude got the honor of being called Facebook dude because this sidebar in well, Facebook says he is someone and I quote, "I might know". Never had the balls to click "add friend". Well, for one it's just outright freaky and, two -- I think it being outright freaky is enough reason. So eyah, excuse me while I go back to my online gushing.


  1. Keeping my comments to myself. Hahaha!

  2. Heyy. Need I say again, judgment not allowed! Even if it's just in your head!


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