Thursday, February 04, 2010

Shoe Daydreams

Went online shoe window shopping/snooping (wow, thatsa lotta qualifiers!) yesterday and this I would think is how the end of a rainbow looks like! New Steve Madden shoes/sandals/boots to drool over. Sigh.
I saw these three really pretty walking sandals perfect for casual Friday movie nights, or girls' dinner, or random day at the mall. Classy and comfy and snazzy with just the right amount of oomph without being over the top. How do you not want these?

Special mention goes out to this colorful and tribal-looking sandal-bootie with all the right color beads! It's like Steve Madden grabbed one of my shoe daydreams and molded it into an actual leather slipper! This is why I love shoes. Hay.

 After many a frequent trip online to search for that perfect slouchy flat boot, Steve Madden hits the jackpot again. Just like in my head. Now how to get my hands on these.  Flat and round-toed and just the right color. These are the kinds of boots that you can wear out and not get weird looks.

I really wished it rained cash so I have all the liberty I want to buy all these pretty things and maybe throw in some irrationally-colored shoes. Ay yayay.

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