Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Kid's running!

Today I enlist with Mahal for a slot in the Century Superbods 5K run on the the 21st. Nope I wasn't taunted to join, yes I get giddy thinking about running for a marathon, and yes THIZZIZIT! :)

I've always wanted to be athletic. Even as a kid, one of my secret dreams is to be part of any sports varsity. There was the karate phase, the tae kwondo phase, the swimming phase, the tennis phase, the basketball phase (which was majorly imagined), a badminton phase, among many other sports dreams. But yeah, none of them really panned out.

And then roughly over a year ago, the gym happened. All of  a sudden, I had this new outlet for all this raw (and directionally-challenged ) athleticism in me. The past year spent in the gym really did me good. The losing weight part is still a struggle, but in terms of endurance and strength training I would have to say the gym is paying off well. Even I get surprised at the improvement of my endurance. Beaming with pride FIVE!

 And in total fairness, I am happy to say that my enthusiasm for gym-ming hasn't wavered even after the first year hurdle. For the most part, the gym was about Body Combat which I think somehow fed my secret karate and tae kwondo dreams :p It doesn't hurt that I made new friends along the way which cemented the gym as one of my 'happy places' :)

Now I am looking for more and this is why running is the next step. I think this is me looking at my limits and testing how far I have gone. It's good not only for my body but also for my well-being. I am happy to have something to channel my energies to that not only serves as a diversion from work but also a new goal to look forward to.

I am now on my fourth week of training for the Superbods run and it's been really fun. It makes proud to see how I have gone from running out of breath from running barely a fourth of the UP acad oval to running it 2 rounds non-stop. Small victories <3

I'll see from here where all the running takes me. If my 3-marathon target this year comes through, who knows, I might actually get to run my full marathon in a bit. And what the heck, Iron Man!

This is me going through my Before-30 Bucket List and smiling at myself for being able to tick my to-do's one by one :)

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