Monday, May 31, 2010

Spaceman Spiff Has Landed

Hello Sg, we meet again.

We landed in Singapore 7:35PM and went straight to the hotel for check in. Thank God for the fast and efficient check in that more than made up for the stressful trip. The flight was delayed for a good hour, the plan was small, and we met a good number of turbulences. I was air sick the whole time, I had to ask for a barf bag just to be sure.

I was dizzy but I oddly kept stuffing my face with food. But yeah, even in my air sick state, I do know how to appreciate good food. Thumbs up for the awesome shrimp and yummy ice cream! And well, even if I felt foul the whole time, I couldn't really complain because we flew Business Class, baby! and the fun doesn't stop there, here's a peek at the snazzy hotel we were billeted at:

This, hands down, is my runaway favorite part of my room! I haven't even sat there yet. I am psyching myself for the moment :) Isn't it just perfect?

Anyhoo, enough stalling for me tonight. I just had to indulge the giddy because after I hit the "Publish Post" button, it's crunch time for Spaceman Spiff. I gotta work my ass for tomorrow's presentation.

Tomorrow I face the music. Let's hope we see no ass get kicked tomorrow, especially not mine. Wish me luck.

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