Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Make The World Stop Turning, I'd Like To Get Off Please

I've been so out of it lately. I have no interest in anything. I've been dragging myself to work, dragging myself to the gym, dragging myself to pretty much everywhere. I have no idea where all the energy went.

The general interest as of late? Sleeping. Going to bed, snuggling under the covers (does still apply if you're alone? You can snuggle alone, yeah?), maybe watching some TV, and then sleeping and never getting out of bed. Last Sunday, I did 14 hours, only getting up cos it was lunch already. You'd think you can sleep off all the sleepiness in your system but it doesn't really go away.

Maybe it's work. Maybe it's the lack of something, anything new. Maybe things don't make any sense at all. Maybe things have gotten so boring in my life, sleep looks more inviting that actually staying awake to do stuff. Meh.

What I want now is for life to stop for me to get off of Earth for a bit. Maybe, I don't know, gallivant in a parallel universe, and then get back here in uh, a light year's time? (I know, I know it's not a measure of time. I'd just like to avail of the poetic license. Okay, pretend this is a song.)

I want to get out of the "grind." I want to be out of it and I want to let go of everything that comes with it -- the deadlines, the requirements, the stuff the adult world is made of. I want to be able to stare out the window without worrying about new ideas to pull off for a launch, new customers to target, or fuck ups to deal with. I want to be able to spend a day, a week somewhere far from the now.

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