Friday, July 30, 2010

The John Mayer Thing

I can't even begin to tell you how awed I am at John Mayer's writing. So awed in fact, I had to write about it. That's saying a lot since I still haven't written about Inception a full week after watching, even if I was completely blown away. Completely blown away. Yes I am repeating myself, because I was so blown away saying it once doesn't give it justice. But I digress.

Back to the John Mayer thing. This man has an amazing way with words I am left seriously in awe every time I read his stuff. He makes perfect sense out of the most mundane, sometimes stupid stuff. His thoughts flow unbelievably conherently and his timing is just perfect. Even at the risk of pushing the fan girl envelope, I'll say it still - this man is crazy amazing. (Yeah, let us for a while discount the fact that he said bad (sex) things about Jessica Simpson and may have said the N word to a black brother)

You know it really doesn't hurt that he looks like this.

I culled a post from his Tumblr. I can't believe how even his random thought are poetic.

The Woman
Sometimes I get the itch to go out for a drink thinking I might miss meeting the woman of my dreams, but then I realize the woman of my dreams isn’t at a bar at 12:36 on a Wednesday morning. No, the woman of my dreams is asleep in bed with her lame boyfriend she’s only now beginning to see is lame. Nice enough guy, but no passion or curiosity. It was cute when he called her babe at first but now it’s just lazy and distant sounding. The woman of my dreams just twitched in her sleep because I mentioned her. The woman of my dreams is not usually twitchy. The woman of my dreams likes Family Guy but doesn’t LOVE Family Guy. The woman of my dreams will engage in conversations that don’t necessarily cater to her in exchange for my moving quickly through the shop talk. The woman of my dreams has to be up at 7am. Maybe the woman of my dreams is at the gym, not the bar. I better get to bed.

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