Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lurkers and Friends

Sometimes I wonder who gets to read this blog. There are times I'm relieved I don't know who gets to read my secret thoughts. There are entries here that make it mortifying to find out who else knows what shit I put here. There are times though, that I am overcome with curiosity. Whoever actually gets to read this blog?

We are Actually 4 Years Old?!
This blog for the longest time has kind of been just a sounding board. This has never been one of those blogs that I "advertise" for people to "hit it up" or "drop by". In the 4 years of this blog (Whoah! It's been 4 years?! I should prolly celebrate a blog anniversary or something!) this has always been my secret personal space on the interwebs, my tiny little corner where I can bitch, swoon, and do things without others poking their metaphorical finger on my metaphorical personal bubble. This has also been that place I tell my friends about when we don't see each other and I want them to know about my life. It's also kind of my personal therapist, my free personal therapist, who gets front row center seats to my two cents worth on everything.

The Parable of the Hit Counter
Interestingly, every time I check, the hit counter keeps jumping. Which I would think, means that there are people (other than me hahaha) who go through the blog. Most of these people are lurkers, though. You know, just going around and looking, no comments, no hi's or hellos. The people who regularly comment, on the other hand, are some of my really close friends who I would've no problem telling these stories to in person.

The chat box is another story altogether. Either the robots have attacked and taken hold of that chat box or I really have that many fans going gaga over this blog. I can't really decide where to put my money on. But you know, whether robots or rabid fans, it still tickles that vain little kid inside me with all that validation, real or imagined.

Roll Call!
So in the spirit of curiosity, I'd fancy a little experiment. Can the readers of this blog post a comment on this post? I kinda wanna know who else gets to read my shit. (If no one says anything, it's kinda just pathetic, don't you think? Hahaha)

Can all the cool people in the house (err, blog) put your hands up? Show some love! :) Who knows, we can probably have brunch one Saturday morning. Or not. Who's to say? :p


  1. currently lurking :D

    *i was gonna write guess who?! or anonymous but it'd probably freak you out. haha! ;p

  2. it doesn't exactly come as a surprise that I read your blog right? hehe but we can still brunch! :) or dinner hopefully with Rach!

  3. Well hello to my 2 favorite girls that I don't see enough of!

    Hey Rach, after me and P saw each other last night, we said we should see each other at least once a month! (Dahil wait for it... important relationships take effort! :p Yehess, we may have gotten mushy last night :) And and, we are willing to work around law school time so we have you with usss! :)


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