Wednesday, February 23, 2011


While I do not want to ruin the recently happy mood of this blog, I think this may be the best avenue for this um, thing. I have no intention of announcing this um, thing to the world for audience. I just want to let the frustration out cos well,  it sucks to keep it in.

Some things suck -- even when you know it's a fact of life and even if you know it's out of your hands. I guess it takes a lot of growing up to understand that not everyone around you will like, heck even understand, some things you do. Sometimes no malice is intended, sometimes no ill will is meant, but some people chose to read into it. Some people chose to put color into a perfectly valid choice.

This is not to say I am scot-free. I just made a choice, I just decided what things I like and what things don't like. I never expected to get applause for it but I also never expected to be persecuted for it. We all make choices and while I made mine, I guess others made theirs, too. Mine was to rid myself of unnecessary virtual information and theirs was to pass judgment on my choice.

It sucks but I guess this just is one of the ugly things of real life. Just live with it, I guess. That is not to say though, that it doesn't irritate and frustrate me or give me this ugly feeling, because it does. And it sucks a bit more cos I stand here unable to do anything, cos this choice is the one that does the least damage. Blerg.

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