Saturday, February 19, 2011

Me and The (Plastic Balloon) Dog

You know those plastic balloon dogs with paper feet at the bottom? The ones 3-year old kids bug their Moms to get for them which they then drag by the floor as if it were a real, living, walking dog? I finally bought me mine today!

Meet Tiger. Yes, he has a name ;p

I've always wanted to get one of these drag-me-like-I-walk-for-real plastic balloon dogs. I've known about them since early last year, and think whatever you want, but I've always wanted one for myself :p For some reason, I never got around to buying. I knew it was cute, but I think a part of me thought it was stupid for a grown woman to be walking around dragging a dog balloon she obviously owns. I never mustered enough balls to buy one for me until today!

We were at SM Taytay earlier, as I tagged with the folks for some Saturday errands, when I saw the spotted plastic dog hanging by the balloon stall. I guess it's because it's my birthday tomorrow that's why I'm extra brave and extra confident I'd get away with it. No one ever failed with, "But it's my birthday!"

And for the full experience, I really did drag "Tiger" (yes, this balloon dog has a name!) all over the mall! I walked around the mall, into the department store, and all over most probably looking like a retard with this fake dog that's pretend-walking. But it was fun!

I was most popular with kids. I have 3-year olds and baby infants craning their necks for a look at Tiger. The adults were a different lot. I had a merry mix of adults who felt differently about the Tiger thing. Some were fascinated with the schtick, some were surprised at the adult with the balloon dog and some were just confused. Along with the dragging of the balloon dog, part of the fun was looking at people's reactions!

The novelty of the walking balloon dog still makes me smile. It's just too cute! Who knows, I might take Tiger for another day at the mall :)

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