Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Stories from the (Delayed) Gap Months

Okay, so life review.We're closing in on the second month of the Gap Months Delayed Edition (supposedly the months following college grad before you land a real world job, which I forewent, because I, uh, made some decisions that were um, different. So a short stint in the real world and I'm back home, doing my um, Gap Months). So here's what's been up:

Kid got lucky :) Month 2, Day 1 of the Delayed Gap Months, I read a post from Multiply about Guads' company trying to create a pool of hosts. So I was like, what the heck, I can speak decent English, can talk in front of people without breaking down (Hehe), and I really could use the fee so I don't have to go back to asking money from my parents. I sent Guads an SMS and told her I was interested. It was a non-commital text, sort of like throwing it out that I might be a possible option for the job. That time, I was on my last 2 minutes of internet time cause I was really on my way out of the house. I was surprised to get a reply from her asking me if she can call me. As it turned out, the need for hosts was really urgent -- like it's already tomorrow kind of urgent. I saw the post Monday afternoon, talked to Guads on the phone Monday early evening, and then 5minutes later whoah, I'm sort of employed.

I haven't even thought about whether I want to actually take the job, but Guads didn't even ask me if I wanted to take it. She went on to tell me over the phone about what I had to do and then Bam! 30 minutes later she was right outside the gym with the script in hand. Haha! I guess my saying yes was both a curiosity on my part as to whether I can actually do it and my wanting to save the day for them. Apparently, had I not said yes, the lady owner will take over the hosting gig -- like that serious a need. Heehee, I'm a secret superhero,
at least in my head. Super kid saves the day :P

It's been on for 2 weeks and I've been to roughly 20 schools playing host to Mommies and kids -- and on some days pretend-dentist in crowds of over a hundred wide-eyed kids. The first few times were nerve-wracking. I walk up to a few square meters of space that would be my pretend podium for the next thirty minutes and try to look like I know what I am doing. Then the crew and I jump from school to school trying to replicate the lively show from 2 hours ago. It was really taxing the first few times, add to that the fact that I got thrown into a group of people I barely know. And they're pretty um, open about things I'm not really comfortable talking about -- TMI overload. Hint, they're a bunch of boys who are waaay past puberty but still talk like 11-year olds who learned of Playboy only yesterday.

You know how there's an imaginary fence you put around yourself when you're with people you just met. Inside the fence is your little comfort cloud. If the new people try to walk past the fence you drive them out by, I don't know, saying something weird or making a funny face that says, "Whoah! Stepping on the the Line!" and then it's kind of like an understood signal to backoff. And regular people know they have to back off because it's the polite thing to do. But here, nobody does that. They step over your fence, and despite all the weird things I have said and the many funny faces I have tried to make, they just keep walking inside your comfort cloud as if it had a welcome sign and a friendly receptionist waving at them. It sucks. and I suck at trying to look okay around people like them, um fence jumpers, err imaginary fence tresspassers or something. Ooh, and one of them called me Baby on the second day of work. I said "called" because these days, its Baby Love. I mean, really?

But yeah, even with all that whiny-ness, I'd still say the hosting gig's worth it. For one, I get to spend for myself from the fee -- I get to stash a little for savings and give myself allowance. Not bad considering I don't have to work all days of the week. For another, I get to see really adorable kids all the time :) For one of the gigs, I don my white doctor's gown and introduce myself as a dentist. And then the kids give you
that look -- I can't really explain it, but it feels nice to be given that look. It's as if they like you already. And you should see the way they answer in chorus everytime you ask them something. I get a roaring choruses of little voices saying "yeeeeeeesss," "opoooooooo," "Okaaaaaayyyy poooooooo" I mean how can that not make your day? :) On some days, some little boys act like little versions of movie goons, trying to appear like the show is beyond them. You know, giving out funny answers to questions and saying stuff. But all in all, it's great experience. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

On other things, still no word from any of the big real world companies I sent many nicely-written letters to. But this time I'll wait it out, I won't succumb to unreal pressure, and I'll make sure I will think things very many times before I give out a yes. Or a no. My predicted emotional breakdown is not gonna come :) I think? Thanks to my little kids who saved meeeee.

Still on other things, I still am mustering courage and clarity of mind to recount
that incident Monday evening in the gym. Meanwhile, I nurse my swollen left foot and plaster a hundred more Salonpas strips. I shall give a blow by blow account in a while. Excuse me while I douse my heavily bruised ego with Betadine.

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