Friday, March 25, 2011

Running High!

I crammed running mileage tonight. I know that it's a bad idea but between two evils, not logging running mileage and cramming running mileage, I think I chose the lesser evil of the two.

1.1k     warm up walk/jog
8.8k     steady pace run
1.1k     cool down walk

Hey, Not too shabby for a jumpstart. I was just targeting 2 rounds at the oval (4.4k) just to see how (not) ready my body was for Sunday's 10K. I tried pushing to 3 rounds, and then next thing I know, I was running my 4th round. I just kept running until my feet felt like they were about to break. Haha. On the upside though, I felt like tonight's run jumpstarted my legs back to running :) Maybe no PR's for Sunday, but I hope I at least get to finish the 10K strong.

The UP Acad Oval at around 10PM

Tonight's run wasn't very easy. I felt jiggling um, "jelly" (as in, "I don't think you're ready for this jelly" jelly...) in many many places. My butt was jiggling, my tummy was jiggling and I really felt the brunt of the weight, especially during the first 2km/first round. But I just kept running, in the hopes that I will eventually (by eventually, I meant tonight) break out of this "non-running" phase. I am happy to report that I did break out of the phase :)

As I was pushing kilometer 5, I felt that familiar spring in my step and I remembered why I fell in love with running. My mind was very clear, my head was set on training and that familiar thought of pushing to run longer distances went for a happy visit. I was in my happy place again :)

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