Friday, April 01, 2011

On a Day That Took All of Me Not to Cry at 8AM

To say 'to say today was awful is an understatement' is an understatement. (Okay, I just put that in to sound Liz Lemon kinda smart -- inspired by, 'My single "My Single Is Dropping" is dropping').

That aside, today hasn't been kind to me. It really did take all of me not to cry at 8AM. I have people that are way more grown up than me, in age at least, that make me feel like they devote all their energy into being an ass to me. Other grown ups that are just difficult. And other grown ups that just make all sorts of excuses to not act like grown ups. So my beef is about grown ups, asses, and grown ups that are asses. Gah. Yeah, I guess sometimes shit just chooses to happen to you on a sunny Friday mornings.

I blogged today because I wanted to give myself some pep talk. I really don't want to be that snarky person with the dark cloud so big people can touch it (cos I'm scared sometimes, I am turning out to be that kinda person). Just when I was almost losing reining in the waterworks, I open my GodWhispers mail today. It said:

Do you feel heavy inside because of your problems? Let me lighten your load.

P.S. Wings don't make one fly, Katrina. It's your happy heart that will make you soar. So be happy today. I need you to reach the stars to inspire others.

The having a happy heart is hard enough. The reaching the stars is even harder. The inspiring others is much harder. But yeah, I guess it's in the struggling that you grow. Realizing that doesn't mean though,  that it's NOT such a pain! One big UGH for all these hard things. But an even bigger THANK YOU for the One who is there to lighten my load. I can do thiz.

Also, it doesn't hurt to get a hug.

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