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What to Say to Impressionable 14-year olds

I am 2 days away from the the speech I am to deliver in front of very impressionable high school freshman, sophomores and seniors. Oh, and before I forget, honor high school students. I know I have manny many things to tell the kids, but I think the bigger challenge lies in that I have to be able to talk in "their" language for whatever it is I am going to say to make an impact.

Let's back up a bit. Over a month ago, I got an invite from my 6th grade adviser who now is the principal of my old high school. She asked me to speak in front of the honor students and special awardees for the Recognition Cermonies. It was daunting to me but then I got overcome by excitement and a few moments later pride and joy (haha yes I need big words because that really was how I was beaming when I found out!) I knew I wanted to talk to the kids. I wanted to tell them the things I wish I knew when I was their age. I want to let them know how to be awesome! Hahaha. (But yeah, I'm serious about the awesome-ing).

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I guess I also want to talk them because this would be a chance for me to take stock of the things I believe in. This is a chance for me to get to know myself better. And interestingly, it is when I have this goal to impart that when I learn the most. I guess it's the way I try to make sense of it by explaining that I also get it  get it myself.

Right now, I'm still writing. Carving away my essay, taking out the unimportant and giving way to the essential. If you find it in your heart to say a small prayer for me in this exciting endeavor, please do. I need all the help I can get :)

This will be my first time to speak in front of an audience as the main speaker. While speaking does not necessarily scare me (of course, I get nerve-wracked, too but in manageable degrees), I guess I am scared because it such is a big responsibility! Also this is something new to me. I will have kids and parents look up the podium in the hopes that listening to me will at the least be worth their while.

I am scared I am but also quivering with anticipation. I hope the kids get to appreciate the lessons I hold dear to my heart and by themselves see the sense of it all. May Monday's talk be productive use of all of our time. Cheers to scary new things!

P.S. Thank you to our Pastor, Pastor Jody, for being very patient with me with all my questions. Your sharing helped build my piece. Thank you, thank you.

P.P.S Ted Mosby will make a special um "appearance" (his name, at least) in the talk :p

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