Thursday, April 07, 2011

Bye Bye Day

Tonight I went home to a house that's a little more quiet than the one I've been coming home to for the past 2 weeks. I was surprised at this sinking feeling at the pit of my stomach. I opened the front door and my unofficial "welcoming commitee" wasn't by the couch. There also was no more excited "hello hija!" when I stepped in. I apparently am a lot sadder than I expected to be.

My Tita Nene and Tito Cesar, who spent the last two weeks with us in the house, are on their way back home to the States today. Right about now, they are probably boarding their plane to take them back to Melbourne first, and a few days back to the Houston, Texas. It's bye bye day to my two favorite senior citizens.

Two weeks ago, my Tita Nene and my Tito Cesar flew in to vacation in the Philippines for the first time in eleven years! So that Friday in Causeway was the first time I saw them. EVER. They're in their 70's but they both look pretty good for their age. They're both feisty and have an arsenal of many many stories.

I loved having them in the house. There's always that happy breakfast banter since they're very much morning people. There's that playful bickering old couples do so well. And since it's the first time we're being audience to the schtick, it's just hilarious. There's that endearing lolo and lola vibe they bring to the house. My Tita Nene is just amusing with her fesity lady stories and my Tito Cesar exudes so much of that "Lolo from the Bear Brand commercial" energy.

They only stayed 2 short weeks in the house but I miss them. They were lovely guests to have. Other than the fact that they were very generous, they were really fun to have around! Plus I guess, coming from a very small family of three, it is a nice welcome surprise to have other voices in the house :)

They said they'll definitely be back. But that's maybe in two years time? I guess that part of me that misses them a lot is that part of me that wishes there were more people in the house. Ohwell. I hope this temporary separation anxiety will pass soon. In the meantime, I wish my Tita Nene and Tito Cesar good health and many more happy vacations til their next visit to the Philippines :)

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