Sunday, April 10, 2011

In the World of Pretty Boys, There are The "Adam Levines" and the "Zach Braffs"

I was watching an old old SNL ep with Zach Braff and musical guest Maroon 5. As I was ogling Adam Adam Levine and thinking how pretty he was during the musical number, a thought came to me -- in the world of pretty boys,  there are "Adam Levines" and there are "Zach Braffs". (It is 1:19 AM as I write this,  so I won't take offense if you consider this drunken conversation hahaha)

The "Adam Levines"
I was never a big fan of Adam Levine or Maroon 5. I don't follow the band but I kinda like their songs. (It's pop, what's not to love.) It doesn't hurt either that the front man, the very pretty Adam Levine, isn't bad to look at. Okay, that's a gross understatement. Look at that face.

Look at that face. I mean seriously look at that face.

But I never really paid attention to Adam before. Then Maroon 5 came on the SNL ep I was watching and that's when it dawned on me how frackin pretty this Adam Levine boy is! I usually fast forward through the musical numbers, but this one I played to watch. (So far I've only not forwarded through: Florence + The Machine, Chris Brown, Cee Lo Green and Jessie J.) I watched the musical number not necessarily because Adam was so good a singer (but I'd have to admit, his voice is iconic, you just know it's a Maroon 5 song)  but because he was just beautiful. Chiseled face, omg that pretty mouth, piercing green eyes and wait for it... killer abs. He's the stuff adonises are made of. He's so pretty you'd wonder if he actually has to look at girls to find pretty.

These are the "Adam Levines". Pretty pretty faces that make for "omg's" that have to be said out loud. I get the pretty but for some reason the "Adam Levines" don't really have an appeal to me as a girl. I find them uh, too beautiful.

And then there are the "Zach Braffs".

The "Zach Braffs"
And then there are those that are cute and not too ripped but are adorable and funny. Since this is the world of pretty boys, I don't mean the Jonah Hill-types nor the Michael Cera-types. I'm talking about the grown up thirty-ish men, with the lopsided grin and the imperfect face. And they're adorable because they're funny.

Zach has this perennial "surprised" look with the blue eyes.
Oh, but when he starts talking? That's my boy.

They're the ones that make you think they're the kind of boyfriend that'd say funny things to you and make funny faces and adore you because you laugh at the their jokes. They're pretty but not so pretty so they feel like they have to compensate by being funny and nice. You get what I mean?

And I've always always adored the "Zach Braff" types. The pretty boys that don't think they're pretty but know that they're funny. They're two notches cooler than the Ted Mosby-types that are a little lame because they're cheesy. The Zach Braff-types are kinda lame too but that's what makes them so endearing. This SNL ep I caught made me think Zach Braff was really funny. Now I kinda wanna watch Scrubs.

(Okay, if you've gone this far on this post, you must be really bored. This post doesn't make any sense even to me hahahaha)

P.S. Random sleepy Saturday night thought: I wonder where my Zach Braff is. I just hope he's kinda just around in one of my circles. I honestly don't like anyone (like a boy)  at all. Is that even normal? Oh, but I don't like girls. I like boys, there's just no boy I like at the moment. And by boy, I mean real live boy that doesn't apear on TV that I can high five any time I want. Mmmkay, I think that's enough word vomit for now.

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