Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas List

On Christmas Day, I found myself making time for me-time. Granted the first few hours of my me-time was with Mahal, it was still precious me-time nonetheless :)

I made my way yesterday to one of my happy places, Starbucks Temple Drive! I know it's "just a Starbucks" but I've made many personal breakthroughs (naks!) sitting in some of the (kinda ratty) chairs/cushioned seats! So this Starbucks will always have a special place in my heart :)

I intended to catch up on my reading yesterday and do my personal goal setting for the coming year. After some much needed sharing and catching up with Mahal, he left for dinner with his friends and I started making my lists.

So my Christmas List is not a list of 'naughty and nice' friends. I only call it a Christmas list cos I made it on Christmas Day haha. I finally have a Bucket List! YAY! I didn't know how exciting it was to write one until yesterday! And I know it's only the beginning. Now that I got the 'ball rolling' in my brain tank (bra! - haha it's always cooler said the Barney way) , I'm pretty sure I will be coming up with more things to do and more adventures to begin! So exciting!

My current list is at 50 things and I can't believe how psyched I am to start working on the list. I really believe it's true what they say, that the best way to get out of a slump is to start setting goals. It probably doesn't sound like me cos it's not fluffy and it's too stiff and straightforward, but it really works

Just some highlights of my list (and some really embarrassing revelations about myself), I apparently already know the names of my 4 children! I never pegged myself as that kind of person, but surprisingly, I am that kind of person haha.

That's all for now from me. Have you written Bucket List yet? From my heart to yours, Merry Christmas :)

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