Tuesday, December 19, 2006

happy thoughts :)

two of my most favorite things in the whole world are grocery shopping and driving at night. mum and dad made me tag along this evening and i loved every minute of it. even they both said they especially loved tonight's shopping and it felt v. laid back and relaxed. ooh, and riding cars at night, my endorphins are jumping for joy! :)

got home 10-ish and ate pizza that dad made. a wee bit short on the sausages, but good nonetheless. tonight's a happy evening. it felt weird though cos pinoy dream academy's already out. it's been such a staple in our evening time table. even my dad gets up from bed when pda's on. and now 10's not such an exciting time anymore. pda airs at ten and runs for an hour. then at 11, the house is all quiet. it's just weird cos we've been on it for the past four months. sometimes i realize it's all emo crap but i still end up watching. voyeur is so much fun.

springboarding from the emo show that pda is, i now move on to emo kwento. tet's back :) friday was when i first heard of him after his hiatus. we din't get to talk much though cos my cousins are here and he's off to work. he even called the other day, and our lucky stars are still not on us cos i was out for pampanga that sunday morning. and this afternoon, found him online. bitin, but better than nothing. am happy to hear from him again cos i seriously thought he was gone for good. howell.

anyway, just when i thought i'd say goodbye to mediocre dial up connection, the broadband thingum was a total joke. they had wires in the house sitting in the computer room for the past three days. my mum's been shouting her lungs out over at the smart call center all morning, barking angry customer demands at whoever the operator on is. poor thing -- thas the operator. a few more fits and a squabble with even my dad after, some mr. technician came over to the house early this evening. he tinkered with the computer and the wires and announced thirty minutes after that the antenna from which our connection is supposed to get signals from IS STILL NOT ACTIVATED. wow. so there, no internet connection. not in the very near (a week from now) future.

the grocery shopping and evening car ride more than compensate, though :)

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