Thursday, December 21, 2006

my holiday so far

i've seen three days of my christmas vacation -- five if you count the two-day weekend i both spent out with my balikbayan cousins. and yes, much to my dismay, albeit not surprising, i haven't crossed out a single thing off my to-do list. if you count calling sponsor contacts for the @ march event, then that's one. but all the other more important things, like studying for my first Finance exam on January, or doing my 182 homework -- mehn, zero progress.

among the other non-priductive things i've done so far were: 1) tried the face mask that's been sitting in my dresser drawer for more than a year now, and boy was it good!:) it took out those teeny eyebrow hairs between my eyes i couldn;t get out with twezers. and ooh, my cheeks feel soft. it was a nice (cheapo) treat :) 2)tried (with unseccessful results) to bring high school people --well through jamie :P, to got to uste and watch fireworks display, and to generally see each other and hang out. and again, nothin new, people backed out last minute. and and again i was the only unhappy soul 3) uploaded fotos of the tiende jump 4) talked with Tet over y. well, thas about it.

among other things that ate up my time, the UP TFI quite stood out. BA being the only college that approved of the De Dios Committee Proposal the elistist banter was all over the place again. but reading various material about it proved the BA stand warranted. now that it's been approved, i say am happy things turned out that way. together with the proposal is of course a huge opportunity to "forward the welfare of masses" as the leftist always say. unfortunately, for the lack of better justification of their belief that the TFI is unwarranted and discriminatory, they have resorted to going way below what is socially acceptable. these barbarians, excuse the term but no other seems more apt, are wreaking havoc and letting the non-thinking ways of mob mentality rule.

here's a written statement of the Law Student Government about the chaos and anarchy these leftist rallyists led by no other than the egg-pelter, USC chair himself brought to Malcolm Hall.

there's another article by Boo Tiangco, a UP graduate, shich he featured in his column in the Philippine Star explaining why there's apressing need for the tuition hike and how it beter forwards the welfare of more students and UP aspirants.

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