Tuesday, December 19, 2006

not feeling v. christmas-sy

haven't been writing much as of late. for one, end of classes and i was weirdly busy -- with school work, just in case your thought bubbles reads random, mundane preoccupations. anyway, the bigger kwento was that my aussie cousins went to sleep over in the house. danica and ej are in the P.I. for two full months to spend their uni(thas college for us here) holidays. for once, it felt like there were three of us siblings in the family. it was fun, although it left me kinda wishing i had real ones, too.

day one was spent at
Tiende. first stop was Starbucks (random sidebar: i got four free stickers.) went semi-shopping, looking for cheap gifts. dinner was at Eastwood at, as my mum cals it, ham n' eggs. angus was gooood, and had this huge waffle we all shared. we were even supposed to wait til around 9 to see Gary V. perform, but we were done with dinner by 7p. by 8p, we decided we're not such Gary V. fans and drove home. btw, i was asked to drive sleek Silver (parang getting-to-know-you with the car, cos i was supposed to drive for the saturday lakad) to Eastwood and from there to home. unfortunately, performance anxiety got the better of me, and it weirdly felt like it was my third or so time at the wheel. my engine got off more than three times and i had to deal with two backseat drivers. it took us about two hours to get home and by that time, my left leg was numb from the stepping on the freaking clutch.

day two, was the super shopping day. we left home at around 10 and went to auntie's first for her famed lugao. needless to say (but yes, i still will) i din't drive for the saturday trip -- thanks to my laudable performance the previous night. by 12, we were at greenhills and started to scour the two million stalls they have there. 12.30 my hips were sending me signals dysmenorrhea's about to sign in. and after twenimilyen steps we finally sat for a quick rest at 1p. my semi-bratty fit landed us to lunch -- my pick :) fifteen minutes later we were served pizza hut lunch.
it was prolly that hot really good soup. maybe it melted whatever it was that was causing the frigging hip and tummy pain i was having. plus we had FIC, and two minutes later i totally forgot i even mentioned about having D. next stop was Megamall, and wow we were given a grand total of an hour to shop. i ask, what can two fickle girls get from an hour of walking? and the answer inside my head proved itself right. we were fetched at 4p, and they had zero shopping bags from mega.

day three they were off to Pampanga. we shufflled from home, to Pamapanga, and from there back. by 5p my mummeh was tired to the bone. i was kinda tired, but since am only nineteen, half a day's car ride
should not tire me :P

fotos of the jump:

other random kwento:
1) day three sunday, after the Pamapanga trip we passed through Katipunan. we stopped over to grab something by Greenwich. off i went for coffee to get my third to the last sticker. i was happy because a) i got a sticker and b) my hair somehow realized that day that i owned it and that it din't have a right to have a mind of its own, and in one of those rare times -- i actually liked my hair that day. but the cosmos, of course having me as always a favorite favorite person just went kaboom on me. on my way out of the coffe joint, as i stepped off the gutter, my left foot failed me and before i knew it, i was on all fours. hoho, good thing i was not in a ponytail and my hair came in handy, cos all of it went into my face and covered my from the five or so people who saw me. my foot hurt like crazy but i totally ingnored its screams of pain and walked straight to National Bookstore and feigned ignorance of the whole thing.

2) my favorite glam langaw shades broke :( i don't exacly know what happened, but am thinking prolly from my incriminating fall at Katipunan ave.

3) last night i was up late watching random shows on the tube. backgrounder: i was excited to get home quick cos when we left, repairmen were at home installing lovely (fast) internet. but when i came home, nothing was working. i was supposed to write last night, but since fast internet connection was a total joke, i ended up watching tv instead. anyway, caught aga and sharon's movie fo the n X nth time. wala lang, aga's super hot. i flick to channel 2, and there is a showcase of the fat aga with his wife doing emcee work. he still has hot points, but the fat kid in him overwhelmed the fanatic in me, so off i went back to Cinema One. i prolly was super happy about seeing his hotness aga mulach, that i was flushed when i saw myself in the mirror in my room. it was a nice blush, and i ended up taking fotos inspired by vanity.

3) i was watching Game Knb this morning and they had Eric Fructuoso playing :) he's my super quintessential scruffy guy. you prolly guessed my next word, just please let me indulge -- hot. *hyperventilate. if i see men looking like him on a daily basis, then life would prolly be so much sunnier. haha.

4) old kwento: my mum got me the maryjanes i was eyeing. it's really really nice, and i know my mummeh was v. reluctant about getting it for me. generous matenal instincts got the better of her and now my smile is so much brighter.

5) make me smile wider: limkewire songs, white bayo watch, white round keds slip ons, evian atomizer mini, Devil wears Prada soundtrack, Happy Feet soundtrack, house mix compilation (a steal at P300!), freakonomics (yes v. passe i know),a nice huge leather bag. make me smile waaay beyond: white iPod foto/video, red moto RIZR(?) OR a thin slide nokia, a sleek lappy, a black A/T getz :)

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