Sunday, December 31, 2006

hello cosmos?

why is it that everytime i look crappy/wrong, all the men that i totally adoreD (see the past tense indicator? importante yun :P) show up to my face? all the friggin time. all the friggin time i go to Tropical Hut for our groceries, they all manage to show up. and since it's somehow a 'neighborhood' grocery store, i don't really attempt to get dolled up. wrong choice. very wrong.

am either in the wrong tops/clothes OR like earlier, in my super grunge house clothes. huway? well, not that it really matters. mej feling angsty teenager mode lang ako today :P

anyway recounting of my favorite boylets who see the
me who got up on the wrong side of the bed: 1) my super kadooper hottie back when i was in fourth grade, si Kuya Joevert (note the big kuya -- he was really i was ten and he was 20+) ang inaakalang salvation ng mga homos sa mga bible studies na ina-attend-an nya :P he's so warm, in the friendly way, and the boyish grin is a kadooper hands down. ooh, and he's really really nice. 2) my freshman high school reason for going to school, PI. hot. 'nuff said. and hello cosmos, wala man lang bawi. all the friggin time, mehn.

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