Saturday, December 30, 2006

if you care to know what's up with me..

1) been eating bread all day. don't even ask me how many i've had for today. breakfast + lunch + snack. my insides full of flour -- and no, not the one with petals, the powdery kind. they're super good with peanut butter OR butter, Anchor sarap!

2) can't get past five pages with
Finance. Translation = very bad. first friggin' exam's looming over me, on the 11th, which incidentally is the day after my cousin's (grand :P) wedding. if you still can't get the subtext, lemme get it to you -- i can't, in any way, cram the day before the exam cos i'll be busy sauntering with my green ball dress and nice earrings to think of my exam the next day. effectively, i should be studying now and stuffing myself full with aaaalll the formulas cos a week from now, i'd be too busy and excited with walking down the aisle -- for my cousin's wedding .

3) am happy with the gradual change in my wardrobe choices. been kinda into flowing 'woman' clothes as of late -- and loving it :) i love the
empire cut and how it's super madaya. no pressure on trim tummies with the benefit of glam girl written all over. got one in white and one in black. *happeeeeeee :)

4) being bombarded with crazy thoughts -- and dreams. i can't tell though whether am liking or loathing it. rational thinking piping in:
loathing it more like should be. for one, i have resolved on it being totally impossible -- brought to you by your friendly rational thinking again. and for another, it's super friggin' complicated and stressful -- i know in my heart am happy the way i am now (although am having bouts with mush and sentimentality a wee bit too much, they're pretty manageable still)

ooh, i just have to say i felt really quotable about that thing i wrote in the post before this. the one about growing up and rationality. lemme indulge:
growing up means knowing rational doesn't always feel good. haha, vanity feels sooo gooood. it slides in the mouth, but then again when you think about it, requires soo much backbone. (feeling grey's anatomy level ang quotable-ness :P)

5) am kinda disappointed with
Freakonomics. sbi nga sa marketing, customer satisfaction is about matching perceived value to perceived performance. v. premature comment considering i've only been through 50+ pages. i think i blew the entire thing too much cos it got every rave i could hear of. am hoping it will up itself in my performance-delivery scale. not as witty as i would like it to.

6) did my share for the local movie industry and caught the
Juday+Ryan starrer last christmas day. benta! :) humor was crisp, realistic, close to home, and perfectly timed. add to that Ryan's ultimate hottie factor. mum counters, though saying Ryan looks very haggard with mile-deep eyebags. i wouldn't say i love it, but i more than like it -- naks parang relationship label:P i like Juday a lot, she's really good, such a natural. *hala, nag feeling movie critic nako -- alavet :P

7) am thinking of getting the
MJ blige super collection and the Happy Feet soundtrack, strain on the budget nga lang. if made to choose, i'd pick mj over the penguins.

8) i've been trying to get people to go out with me -- date. NOT. movie with friends will never get into the crazy holiday schedule. whoever said you can have your cake, and eat it, too. who said you can gather enough people to go out when you have a really long happy vacation. well i think holidays for the family, and i just have to stop sms-ing anyone about ever going out before going back to school. wuh, Lord please give me friends with 1) plenty of time to spare 2) houses that are close to mine so i can bug them 3) plenty of money to say yes to anything i propose 4) willingness to be friends :(expectation is the mother of disappointements. NEVER expect anything. EVER.

9) i skipped dinner. for one, i feel really guilty about all those tasty bread slices i gobbled up for today. and and, i see the green gown all the friggin' time, hanging by the steel rod in my room. i need a waistline to speak of this january. haha.

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