Thursday, July 05, 2007

there goes my wednesday morning

in true blue ADD fashion, i have again wasted another half day (which i supposedly allotted for reading my overdue homework) doing random, non-value adding activities i.e., friendster-ing, blogspot-ing, multiply-ing, and catching up with people i think i can spread some love to. that was a mouthful. there goes my 4++ hours. hay. anu pa ngaba, like am not getting used to it :P

i slept pretty late last night -- that's considering i go to bed a wee bit earlier than i used to. i took a bath at 12.ish and that's later than usual. and i was *drumroll*.... on ym with gen and mark :D high school was pretty much about that -- gen and our friends, and mark and our friends. they are seriously two of the funniest people i know. ang riot nga kagabi, laughtrip all the way :D i had to say bye to gen and markie at 12.ish cos i was really getting dizzy, like woozy-in-the-head dizzy.

i have been drowsy since my 10am class yesterday. we went home pretty late monday night because of that spoiled trip. we didn't get anything, but we still came home late. am not whining, though :D dad got me a new lock &lock baon box and now i don't have to worry about my lost pink baon box :) and and.. i got i think it's called gummy strawberries and cream. from the makers of gummy bears, yung pink and white kinda sour stretch-y candy na may suger glazing. yummmiiii :D my favoritefavorite since second grade :)

and and... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite pinsan, DANICA :D <-- and thats purple foyouuu! :D
lovelovelove her to bitsssss :D cos we do it the engua way, baybeh :D
labyu pinsan!


and now, my overdue entry :)

restless me. it's been four weeks (i think) since school started and i've been to two movies already with two coming up in the next three or so weeks -- but i have not one finish chapter to brag about for any of my subjects. seriously. i tried counting and if i remember if right, we're done with 6 chaps for OpMan, 3 chaps for Global Marketing, and an inch thick pile for Cross-Cultural. wow. i don't know. i don't do it intentionally. i seriously want to read and i find myself scheduling reading times for myself. the past weeks have seen me attempting to work in the econ lib, and slaving away for three hours -- attempting being the operative word. i either get drowsy and give in to sleep (if i don't sleep i'd get a really big headache), or just plain restless. i just can't sit still and it's sad. hay. shake shake shake off the summer lethargy.

anyway, since i enjoyed the movies the naman lets talk about them :D i have been watching boy movies as of late. the first one we caught was Fantastic Four II (rise of the silver surfer -- kelangan talaga kasama yun :P) which was kinda boy movie. i liked it. well cos Mr. Fantastic was exactly what his name says of him :D he was old, the crow's feet on both his eyes were dead giveaways, butstill :D and this latest one we saw (at Galleria, which got both me and Friendcess crap from the parental units for going home late and asking on short time's notice) Transformers! it was worth all the flak i got for watching :P hahaha. the Even Stevens guy was... amazing. even i dont understand, pero laughtrip yung movie saken. i was laughing the entire time, even during the robot right scenes. hay, funny guys are hot talaga :)

i am no robot fan, but i liked the movie still. during the fight scenes i was asking myself if i was enjoying cos i dont feel any fascination sweeping over me -- weird considering that the movie's CGI's were amazingly blended and so un-cartoon-like. yung tipong you know they spent for it and got all the geeks in the universe to work on them robots. haha. i wasnt floored by the robots, i think i liked the movie for its awww- quality. it's a fun movie, might watch it again. am hoping for a dad-sponsored movie in teh next coming weeks. haha.

i have two other things to write about eh. it slips me as of the moment. will write again later. am dizzy. ive been here since 8.30 -- seriously. i went out for a while for lunch. butstill. rawr, i need changes. hayhay.

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