Monday, July 02, 2007

i thought it was fun :D

i was really planning to write write. but things somehow got in the way (i.e., limewire, friendster, me feeling tamad, and basic incoherence) and i couldnt get my thoughts down into writing. but then i found this :D i thought it was brilliant, well not really. thats for the lack of a good vocabulary to support my imaginative ideas.

it is kind of accurate. somehow. the little texts from below were from me. i kinda love it. err, sige na nga, i love it :)

EDIT: here's what Imagini (the site that generates the images) has to say about me and my image choices:

Easy Rider: You are a bit of a romantic and like to get back to basics. A real dreamer, you like the chance of new beginnings -- starting over. When it comes to ar, you're creative yourself, and you believe in self-expression. You can see the little mastepieces in everyday life -- you can be a touch sentimental. As for music, for you it's all about joining in; a bit of self xpression. it's always on your mind and helps you let off steam. Your choice of treat reveals your values. Family is top priority and there is never enought time to spend with them.

Conqueror: You like simple pleaseure and take time to appreciate all corners of your life. This makes you content and balanced, someone people love to hang out with. For kicks nothing beats an adrenalin rush. Yo like to take risks, push limits, you're confident and brave -- life is for the living. When it comes to holidays, there's no stopping you once you' ve got the taste for adventure. It's a chance to explore activities that you don't have the time for in day-to-day life. What grosses you out? You favor the natural look and can't stand a pumped and plumped, plastic appearance.

Back to Basics: Your choice of drink shows that on the whole you care about your health and make sure you're putting the right stuff in. As for the home, you have very cool and contemporaty taste. You have a simple approach to style, but you life things to have their place.

Love Bug: For you, love is about long-term commitment. You love the idea of commitment and the whole big day! When you think of freedom -- you think of knowledge, it's obvious innit?

i went to the site again hoping to copy-paste the entire thing. boo, it doesnt highlight :( i tried at least three times to no avail. i thought about it and i really want the thing on my blog so, I TYPE. the entire thing. this whole thing. pretty tedious but hey, i thought i type fast na :D i was happy with the visula dna thing, and and.. i was marvelling at how i know the keyboard keys without looking :D and and, minimal typo errors, i had something like three i think :) yey!

the thing was pretty accurate save for the part that saidi was a go-getter, pushing the limits, challengin boundaries king of person. i'll be the first to say am not. if anything, i am a bad scaredy cat -- with life. am working on that. try this thing. it's fun :)

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