Monday, June 25, 2007

because i write in the mornings

  1. i dont know how it happened, this entire normalcy in my working hours. i wake up early, join the folks for a quick walk/lame attmept at jogging, and then start working with my homework. just when i hit twenty, just when i was supposed to be acting all wasted and whacked, going home late drunk, and hitting on all the boys (haha, just had to add that :P) i am surprisingly (not basing on track record, but on expectations of people in their twenties with the freedom if a college kid and the money from the parents) behaving like a forty year old. not that it's entirely bad :) it's just that sometimes the rockstar life kind of has a poetic appeal. poetic appeal and more, at least relative to the homebody who watches dvds on sa saturday night.
  2. i officially dislike Super Bowl. *gags* i have disliked Super Bowl for a while now. but yeasterday, since i had no choice, i had to eat there AGAIN. *gags again* food's pretty good naman, i just hate the smell of the place, and the entire chinese thing going on. *coughthatisNOTaracistremarkcough* and the smoke felt like they all went into my eyes. bad.
  3. last night was Welcome Dinner. my first welcome dinner. Tetch from @ LC 03-04 who was OGXVP came back from a two-month traineeship in Tokyo. it was fun. dinasaur alumni (that wasnt from me :P) came and shared the dinner (and the bill, haha) with us. dinner people were Gladys LCP UPD, Bon, Tina ICX(?) UPD, Care MC, and Choey (with the pink palm, beacause real men wear pink *and do that peace sign on the right eye :P) the omnipresent alumnus from La Salle. ooh, mahal and jerick :)
  4. fete was last night :( and after wishing to go for four years already, still havent seen the festival :(
  5. tthe frigging global marketing book cannot be found anywhere. boo.

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