Thursday, June 21, 2007

and i was happy... :)

i was floored. seriusly floored. rawr, i love him already :D i was amazed, awed, surprised, and now i want to shift+f7 to get all the other synonyms i cant exactly think of right now, ooh open-mouth-drooling. gahd, he was aaahhmeyzzhinggg! i can so feel just how ditzy this is, but heck...hmm, heck.

Sir Capili is the ultimate best :) yes, this was just about him. he came into my SEA 30 class and i was just floored. he was amazing, and the only identifiable emotion i can pin down was awe. he was rattling the schools he's been to (Tokyo U, Cambrige, Aus NU) and for that alone i should've already felt off. he went on to recount the things he's done for the university (i.e., raising 120m for the new CAL bldg), his famous (academic) friends, and i should've thought he was an ass. a really mayabang ass. but now, i dont know how he did it, but it didnt act up -- this thing i have for people and their gajillion achievements, and how they flaunt it. *drool* i still like him. hay, i think am a fan :) and now, am really excited about going to school on Thursday :D weeee!

moving rom one school thing to the next -- 18 units for me next sem! :) i really dont know how it happened. i guess it's when i have given up to hoping i have recourse, God shows up and tells me he cares :) yes, even about my school. i wrote last post about my SEA 30 dilemma and how it doesnt credit as an MST. but i thought i was doomed to 21 units for 2nd sem because last reg day was Friday. i couldnt even tell the 'rents about the thing. i put off telling for the weekend, because of father's day and all the weekend shiznitz we had. it was a happy weekend, btw, so divulging the dilemma = totaly off. so i just crossed my fingers, and told God this IS my big problem.

then monday. i finished my classes til 2.30p and then started fixing my wrong thing. i was walking for 30mins, like dere-derecho. from MSI, to CS, to NIGS, to Math, i was like everywhere. still no MST :( i came back to BA and hoped for 175. and pagod nako mag-story so... i got into 175! :D i seriously thought there was no changing my fate. yey!

isa pa -- my OpMan econ people are the happiest :) we were at Mcdo katip monday night for our tuesday homework. i was pretty confident we'd hit it off. cos the first time we met, they were all really accommodating and totally un-clique-ish. and i was right about them being nice :) yay to Jaymie, Mario, Kristel, Anica, Care, and Jared :)

ooh, last night was ym with markie! :D i still miss him. haaaay... skul :) ooh, am happy he's happy :D

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