Saturday, November 17, 2007

it's been a while

hevent been wiriting. semi-hiatus because there were things in my head i wanted to write about but cant because well, there were things stopping me. some things are better left unsaid. huh? labo. basta. haha. wag na nga.

random thought. i figured i like the messy, unintentionally-dishevelled hair look (hindi yung naka-Bedhead Out of Bed Look). i think it's hot (i was thinking of using sexy, but it just doesn't sound right coming from me). haha. screw kinky thoughts. hindi ganon.

isa pa. we caught the Bea-John Lloyd starrer the other day. haha. my Tita wanted to see it, so i got in for freeeeee :) [bleep]
, solid. haha. may tears involved ang panonood. eeeep. at ginamit pa ni Bea ang panalong panalong, "it's not always about you" line. and and... may I AM Wasted Without You part, complete with the No Hangover Because Am Aways Freakin Drunk and I Have No Time To Shave Because Am Too Busy Hurting. haha, i am thinking it's every girl's twisted delusion. or maybe just me. dark and twisty hits.

i shall write soon.

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