Saturday, November 24, 2007

second week, second sem

its 9 in the morning, on the second week of the sem, and am cramming already. the pressure is building up from everywhere am not sure if i can keep up. my only consolation is the video tab i have on open right now in the middle of this entire thing. hmm, some consolation. hearing the singing twenty times over kinda gets pretty boring, though.

in a few hours, the group will be in front of the 172 class talking about the Kellogg's case -- that one that doesn't have a problem. i can feel my head attempting a headache, and i cross my fingers it doesnt happen right smack in the report. hay. my Saturday will be packed, the seminar in the morning til 6p and then the debut in the evening -- early morning presumably. sleep is two days away.

i wished for this, i know. this is not whining, just venting.

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