Thursday, July 23, 2009

What My Daydreams Are Made Of

I have been doing way too much window shopping than necessary -- in the mall and when I trawl the internet for stuff. My, what loot I found! But for the cash-strapped, it's a struggle as much as it's a joy. You know, you can look but you cannot touch. Bah. Ohwell, even with the struggle the shopper's delight kinda makes up. Although for me, it's more of a window shoppers delight. Hay.

This Steve Madden dude knows how women want their feet looking like. Am betting more than we actually do. This suede booties will probably make any drab-looking pants zing. Seeing shoes likes this makes me cross my fingers I have enough disposable income to buy all the shoes I want. My secret shoe dream is to be rich enough to buy non-functional shoes -- these are the types that go in really outrageous colors and designs, you have to buy clothes to go with them. Money makes me think of shoes. This pretty brown one makes me wish. And sigh.

This smartass shirt I saw on Threadless over here. I want this baaaad. But am still an Online Purchase Virgin, so itsa scary thing. Imma think about the difference between the bad-ness of my wanting this shirt and the real-ness of my fear of online shopping. If the Bad-ness is greater than the real-ness, itsa go for me. Let's see. Isn't this shirt is the reason why banner shirts are way cool? :)
This slipper/ bootie is inspired by this wrong purchase I made post-Sg. I had this surplus of cash (naks ang yaman! Haha! But really, its just that am crazy kuripot kaya I dont think I got to the minimum of spending the allowance. Which is cool cos I go back to the Philippines and I have this spare shopping money. Anyhoo, long story short, I bough these open-toed booties with my spare cash because i was trying to be uh, fashion forward. The purchase was very uncharacteristic of me. I read in a "rad" magazine that booties will be the thing for quite a while. So in an attempt to get on the trend before other girls do, I go with this heeled open-toed bootie. Fail. Fashion laggards shouldn't pretend to be early followers. Now, Itsa struggle to find clothes to go well with it. Boo. Imma post a foto sometime.

This flat bootie/ slipper is more me. It think this one I can rock, more than my heeled open toe booties. I think. I waaaant.
Oh, brown platforms. I think you and and my feet will have a ball. Kebs na kahit am taller than everyone else when am in heels/ platforms -- yes even the boys. Long-legged legs are the way to go. I've long been wanting platforms like these, just haven't found the one I like like. This one also comes in a floral version. If I had all the disposable cash I want, I'd probably go for that one. But since am cash-strapped (and well uh, boring), I go for the safe (but still all pretty) dark brown one :)
My gold PrP gladiators are screaming (note, not silently asking. It's screaming) for replacements. Not entirely because I'm sucha fashion forward kid, but more like because they're dirty and my Mum says they look um, pretty hideous already -- even with well-manicured toes. I'm betting this will look really nice with the ever-reliable jeans. Hay, writing about it makes me want it even more. Oh dear heavens, more disposable income please :)

Last words from the cash-strapped kid: drool, drool.


  1. wants disposable income for shoes too! hmm...where can we get it?!maybe if we dont sleep we'll have more money!harhar

  2. btw also love the boots!wuh

  3. right? right? If i don't sleep working -- im a just a poor puyat kid who is um, still poor. Haha! In shoe stores everything just looks nice and pretty... AND expensive! Boo! Disposable income's so elusive :|


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