Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Okay, so I am 17 days late.

You might be wondering who the greetings are for. Tadah! for um, me :P Belated greetings supposedly for October 1st. Three weeks ago marked my year one milestone in the gym :) Yay! Okay okay, so maybe results-wise I am not exactly your poster kid for a buff gym-going person. But this means more to me than just losing weight. (Ooh, but now I have a defined jaw line to brag about. Hahaha). Most of my reasons I'll save for my personal journal, some of them a little too emotionally naked to post on this one. Lemme say that again, happy anniversary!

What better way to celebrate than with a nice gift -- a really nice gift. I wish a could say new Nike trainers, unfortunately not :P But as far as me, this is bigger, better! I mark my first year with my qualifying to the Eastwood Tribe for the Muay Thai Wars for 209! Double yay!

Training number 1 was yesterday, and I'd have to say I feel good about this. Will be seeing more of the "tribesmen" in the next month. FInals on the 21st November. I'm totally psyched!

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