Sunday, October 18, 2009

Screw flowers, write meee songs :)

I don't want to paste song lyrics until I have written a swoony fan girl post about Gabe Bondoc, complete with a photo montage and accompanying videos. But I can't help it. I can't wait for that post. So yeah, this is me preempting myself with the Gabe Bondoc swoony fan girl post, and going right ahead with lyrics of his song.

Enter Gabe Bondoc, the YouTube star. This boy is my favorite boy today :) He is the boy in my head personified. He's scruffy in the right funky way. He has a funny/cool looking 5 o'clock stubble that will prolly sweep me off my feet even he didn't write any songs :P I will save my swoon-y thoughts to go along with the photo montage. Haha.

One of the best ways to make me weak in the knees is good writing. Well-written love letters blow me away. The power of words over me is just inexplainable. Even with songs -- most especially with songs. Gabe's songs are all well-written, well- thought of, and heartfelt, listening to them makes you feel all warm and squishy inside. Mighty fine song writer and all-around good guy -- his songs just give him away.

Here's a snippet of Gabe's song "Whether or Not." This boy has an amazing way with words.

Whether or Not
Gabe Bondoc

In a complicated world
You bring simplicity
Cause when everybody's talking
You're just listening

I've dreamed a thousand dreams
And still nothing compares
To the feeling that you give me
While you're standing here
I don't care if it's fair

And I'll wait til forever is through
Whether or not you love me
I'll be loving you
I'll wait til forever is through
Whether or not you love me
I'll be loving you
I'll be loving you


I'd totally marry this boy :P

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