Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Passive-Agrressive Signing In

I think I have pretty good reason to be alarmed. I've been so cranky lately I give off that quiet hostile air even without being provoked. That dormant passive-aggressiva (diva) is coming out.

I have (so much) less tolerance for people I dislike. I tune out of conversations faster than the person talking getting the gist of the story. I roll my eyes (at least in my head) A LOT. I pass judgment like that stereotypical judgmental religious old lady in church. And if I don't feel like talking to you (and by 'you' I mean any person who isn't interesting enough, and the bar's pretty high up) I won't even look at you to dignify your existence.

It's gotten so bad that it is becoming a way of life. The list of people moving from my 'indifferent list' to my 'dislike list' is growing. I am worried I have lost genuine interest in other people, not that I was poster kid for 'other-centeredness' but you know, I've seen better days. I feel like the turning out to this kind of person whose only concern is to prove that I am right. Ugh.

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