Thursday, February 11, 2010

Brainfarting to Tide Though the 2PM Lull

I've been struggling with 2 particular tasks since the new year came in. These 2 are big tasks, the kind that will determine the performance of my division for this year, and both are overwhelming the shxt out of me. Both involve tedious planning and thinking and creativity. I've had both tasks in my weekly work plan since the first one I submitted for 2010 -- and it still is there up until this week. Clincher? Very  LITTLE progress. Dito applicable talaga yung, "Anung petsa na?!"

I think it's the ADD talking. I feel seriously overwhelmed at the gravity of the task. Just thinking about it is enough to to drown me in the enormity of it. I know I have to break it down to smaller activities to finally get through with it. But you know how when you keep  evading something it just gets all the more difficult and it takes so much more from you to be able to do it? Argh. It's frustrating really. And I know unless I get through with it there will forever be this dark cloud over my head hovering like crazy. I think the longer I put off doing it, the more difficult I perceive it.

I really want to get it over and done with. Not just for the sake of finishing it but also because I can't give certain answers for my other work things because both are prerequisites to accomplishing the others. STRESS.

Now off with the whining. Let's get some work done.

P.S. On other things, it's 3 days past the last day of regular registration and we still aren't listed for the Superbods run. I called the Secretariat and they said only 21K slots are available for now. Noooo! I will try our luck at Second Wind later. Cross your fingers for me. I got all worked up for this run i cannot NOT run :( 

I really wish we didn't put this off. This is what we get. Dear heavens, pull some strings for us, i really, badly want this. Please?

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