Monday, May 03, 2010

The Focus Issue

I've always known that focus was never my strongest suit. It's always been a struggle for me to keep my attention in one place. It doesn't exactly help that all forms of distraction are at an all-time easy access with the internet and it's slew of The Distraction Squad, the Facebook-Twitter-Blogger combo.

It doesn't help too that my EQ is at an all-time low especially when it comes to self-control. Everything is one click to Safari away and I have in my hands an amazing number of new things to waste time on. Ugh.

In 3 weeks time, (barring the imminent Thailand Civil War) I'll be flying to BKK to represent the Philippine distributorship for our malt principal. Yes, my eyes light up at the prospect of shopping and exploring a new country (I've never been to Thailand) BUT as far as reality is concerned, business trips always come with the inevitable pre-conference preparations. Double ugh.

I've been struggling for over a week now to sit down in quiet and finish ALL the reports required. But as with all important things to be done, it somehow feels like the universe is conniving to not make you finish. That's the thing, the urgency of a job is indirectly proportional the enthusiasm to do it, which in turn is indirectly proportional to the number of distractions that surprisingly present themselves. It just feels right to end this paragraph with another, ugh.

This is what all-nighters are made of: consecutive weeks of available time with an insane amount of distractions and zero work done until the day before deadline. Oh ADD kid, you never learn.

Now I go back to (trying to) work. Hello focus, let's be friends.

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