Monday, May 03, 2010

Happy Long Weekend :)

Work has been crazy lately. In a nutshell, 1) my work Macbook crashed and news from 2 excellent repair shops (one computer doctor and a data extraction specialist) said my (un-backed up) files are forever gone, 2) my brand isn't taking off and my stocks aren't exactly flying off the shelves, 3) I have a conference in 3 weeks' time and I have to recreate all my data from thin air, and 4) a whole slew of other drama not fit for online public consumption. These are the kinds of stories personal, handwritten journals were made for.

So there, life hasn't exactly been smooth sailing. My saving grace lately has been TV and more importantly, (old and new) friends :)

Thursday night was Out-On-A-Work-Night with Rach and Raf and P. Quick Grams dinner and then drinks at Rue Bourbon. Odd mix for a Thursday night with Raf thrown in, but I was surprised at how much fun I had. I'm pretty sure the alcohol helped, hahaha. I had an amazing time :) Too bad we have no photos to show for this. But yeah, starting long weekends on Thursdays is always a great idea!

(Left to right: Tin, me, Mahal, Pao Jorq, Dan, and Neng out for a few beers at Pasto)

Last Saturday was Iron Man 2 night with grade school friends. My usual Dan+Lai+Tin+me group became Us 4+Mahal+Neng+Paolo Jorquia. It was a bit odd mix at first, with everyone feeling their way through the new group. Add to that, we had a 4-hour window to crumble in awkwardness before our movie started. Extra long dinner and some beers maybe did the trick.

(The new, amazingly fun mix: Neng, Tin, me, and Mahal)

Iron Man 2 night turned out to be a great night :) We eventually broke the ice and before we knew it, we were all laughing like crazy. It was insane! I just loved it how mixing circles worked so well for this one!

Two awesome nights in one long weekend! I think I may just have dealt with all the hassle of the past week! Hahaha! Thanks Rach and P and Raf for a really fun Thursday night, and Tin and Neng and Mahal and Dan and Paolo for an awesome Saturday night!


Ooh, I'm also sending love to that awesome Robert Downey, Jr. cocky charm that worked so well with all that facial hair! Even with the story all over the place, I'd say my ticket was sulit if only for Tony Stark. And how can I forget, THAT Scarjo ass. That betch killed it on screen! No lez love, just cute hatred for a beautifully shaped woman that's not me :p Haha, hello Blanche, share the love!

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