Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Jimmy Fallon Dip

Kid's on a weird (and insanely protracted) Jimmy Fallon phase. I recount the many embarrassing things that I'd like to attribute to this phase: following about 5 different Tumblrs on JF, downloading (really) old SNL eps when JF was still cast member, painfully pouring through (yeah, that really is the url) to see the JF's photos and old videos, AND getting me a copy of Fever Pitch. AND Watching Fever Pitch to the end. AND Rewatching Fever Pitch to the end, again. AND planning to watch Fever Pitch again. Multiple times.

Photocredit: iheartjimmyfallon

Jimmy Fallon is just so cute and adorable. The man gets away with mediocre acting, corpsing through every sketch in SNL, and giggling like a girl. You see him do all those and you're still sold he's amazing. His charm is insane.

I thought a few day's worth of pictures and headaches from all the pictures, I'd be able to shake JF off. Wrong. I also thought after getting through with Fever Pitch I'll be done with the cute/stupid phase. Also wrong. The movie sucked but I just kept watching. Jimmy was THAT cute I soldiered on until the end of the hour and a half.

I've also seen a lot of Late Night and you have to give it to Jimmy Fallon. The man will do ANYTHING to sell the show. It's the adorable kind of stupid. He gets into costumes, dresses in drag, basically makes fool our of himself, and comes out still the most adorable man you love him anyway.

To add to the unbelievable charm, he appears to be an awesome awesome husband. He's married to an older woman whom he adores like crazy. Here's what he has to say about his wife. I melted like chocolate in the car on a hot summer day in the Philippines (extra long metaphor but I love it!)

This guy got it bad and his wife is a lucky lucky woman. I'm still squealing inside as I type this. What Jimmy says when asked about his wife,
"It's phenomenal. I love being married. She's the coolest. I really lucked out. It was awesome. I got to meet a beautiful girl. I got to date her. and I got to get married. Thank God she loves the sense of humor. I'm not good in the looks department."
I am reduced to mushy goo as I think about how much he loves her! It's awesome to find out about love like this today :) As if this isn't perfect enough, Nancy his wife says of him,
"I have the biggest crush on him still."
That's the dream! I cannot stop squealing inside :p And as if we haven't been reduced to mushy gooes already, Jimmy talks about his proposal to Nancy,
"It was serious. I did the one knee thing. I tried not to cry before she did. I was definitely breaking down a little bit. I don't even remember what I said. I'm just really excited right now and just happy. I'm the luckiest guy on earth. She's the coolest girl in the world."
Okay, collective swoon :) I want me my own Jimmy Fallon. Someone who will say he is crazy lucky to have me and that I am the coolest girl i t he world. Someone you can be both stupid and smart with. Someone who makes you giddy because "you have the biggest crush on him still". Someones who's crazy adorable he makes waiting for him til you're forty very much worth it and more. Oh, the dream :)

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