Wednesday, December 01, 2010

This Is The Purpose For My Existence

I am filled with both envy and awe. I was reading Francis Kong's November 30, 2010 article "What Motivates Artists" and as always, "whoah moment" courtesy of Mr. Kong. He ended the article with the single most certain statement that made me say to myself, "So this kind of certainty IS possible."

Reading this kind of reignited the fire of belief in me. I pray with all my heart I see that day I will utter this very same statement.

I have been called to do what I do. This is the purpose for my existence. My Creator has blessed me with this talent and He has given me the responsibility to use the same in inspiring people. The responsibility is heavy, the work is never done, the efforts to improve is demanding but the fulfillment and joy is there.
(Kong, 2010)

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