Monday, January 03, 2011

Dog Names!

I don't want to write this post on dog names yet, cos I haven't written my token "Holidays - 2010 Edition" entry and my other token entry,  "Things I Am Thankful For - 2010 Edition". Add to that, I still am remiss on my "Why I Am Talking About Dogs Recently" entry. Heee.

BUUUT, I need to put down my dog name thoughts somewhere lest I forget them! The dog is yet to come, but if it comes in the next 3 months or 24 months, who's to say, I'd love to be ready with a name!

Aww.  Isn't he a cutie? Oh, and doesn't he look like a Bruno to you? :p

From little internet reading, I'm leaning towards getting a pug. Low maintenance apartment dog, non-yappy and happy! Mum's a little concerned about the smell from the folds of the pug's face so if from more internet reading we get more discouragement from the pug smell, we might opt for a bichon frise.

This little Bichon Frise look like a Skittles to you?
My Dad said this dog looks *so* mabango! :)
Last night, Mum and I were tossing some ideas. For some reason, I said Benny from the top of my head, and then realized it kinda sounded like a name one of my Lolo's friends would have. Then Mum said Tiger, which I thought was pretty cool. I also came up with Skittles, which I'd consider if I weren't getting a pug. Somehow a perky, colorful name like Skittles doesn't sit so well on a macho dog with a scrunched up face. Maybe Bruno. Ya think?

Mum also said Filemon, after my great grand Lolo. Might consider but then I might feel a semblance of disrespect everytime I call out Filemon without a Lolo preceding it! Haha. I might also go for Morgan. And while Morgan of the Burbank Buy More may be the more modern call back to the name, I'm thinking Morgan the bear of the Bananas in Pyjamas fame, for some 90's charm. Haha. Then I thought up Tyler. This has got to be my favorite name so far :) Tyler slides off your tongue so well, yeah?

I might also consider Chuck, of course in loving reference to the most adorable nerd, Mr Bartowski :) Then today after googling dog names, I saw Tripper which might fit with our pug friend. Or Trip.

This dog naming is turning out to be an amusing pastime. Until the dog comes, I bet there will be so many more names and more google pages to be seen :)

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