Thursday, December 23, 2010

So Last Night I Had The Most Expensive Dumpling In My Life

Tuesday night was GMI Xmas Party night at the very very posh Circles Event Cafe at Shang. Playing host is your truly, late for the 630 call time and all.

I literally jumped out of the car as soon as I got to Basement 2 and darted to the Japanese room where everyone was -- except for me. Huffing and puffing I had to arrange everything (since I also was one of the two Christmas elves for physical arrangement) and put everything into place. My stress levels were shooting through the roof, my heart wanted to jump out of my chest and my guts felt like they were playing tag inside me.

After setting everything up, I finally managed to go around the buffet and get me some yummy buffet food. I got a nice piece from the steak carving, some pecans and hazelnuts, and a shy little dumpling from the Chinese table. I made my way back to the Japanese room and tried my best to down the little food I put on my plate. But all that stress won't let me. I felt gag-gy and the food won't go down well. All I was able to wrestle with down my throat was one lonely dumpling.

Just as I was about to run out to go get me more food, hopefully warm ones, I had to start the program. So all night, all I had was one lonely dumpling. And yeah, they paid X thousand pesos for my ticket to the buffet -- and all I had was one lonely dumpling. Most expensive dumpling ever.

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