Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Great Backlog

Earlier today as I was browsing through iPhoto, I realized just how many pictures I have that I have promised (myself/or another person) to upload that never got around to. This also reminded of this mental checklist I have of blog posts that I have every intention of writing, but like you guessed... I also never got around to.

I still am wondering to myself whether I have very little time on my hands (with my 8AM to 6PM desk job) or I have little to nil time management skillz. But I digress.

Just as a reminder to myself, an actual checklist inspired by my mental checklist,

Blog entries that I HAVE to write
  • JR's Happy Birthday Bora
  • My 24th Birthday (I actually have a folder on my gmail of all the email prompts of all the Facebook greetings I received! I also haven't erased the birthday messages sent through SMS until today. Heee. I just realized the other day that -- omg, it's been 2 whole months since my birthday and "belated" won't even be enough an introduction for this would-be blog entry hahaha)
  • Bkk trip
  • That random day I went to UP and wished I was 18 and back in college
  • Sunday Family Fun with Sharegroup at Timezone!
  • 7th High with the Younghusbands (yes, we were there :p What we, Mahal and me, thought to be a "private party" turned out to be a wait for it... fans day! Hahaha)
  •  Blah Wee Nam Kee
The Script Live in Manila!

I will make a dent on this list this long weekend! Fingers crossed!

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