Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Saging at Kamote

Saging at Kamote -- that's the plan. The diet plan, that is. (For non-Tagalog speakers, "saging" is banana and "kamote" is sweet potato.)

The Journey that Led to Saging at Kamote
I've always had difficulty losing weight. I'd like to think it's in our genes to have these big hips and short, stubby arms. But then again, with my sweet tooth, I also have a knack for choosing the more calorie-packed desserts and food options. Sweets and me have a very complicated relationship but have no intention of parting ways any time soon. But yeah, I'd still like to think it's the genes :p

Let's count the events down that led to today's "saging at kamote" decision.

Happy Birthday
It started on my birthday month. My birthday month, February, came after Bora. This meant that after all that scrimping (although, as an after though, not so much pala) to look fairly decent in a bikini, I spent a good chunk of the month eating all sorts of junk, making up for all the "good" food (read: bad aka calorie bombs) I tried to avoid leading to Bora. Also because it was my birthday month, I (naively) assumed it was a free-pass for all things uh, in excess.

At Kanin Club for my birthday, third time in a row!

My family meets "Sinangag na Sinigang"
for the first time :)

It didn't help as well that my 24th year came with a lot of emotional baggage and wait for it... emotional eating. February was a blur of random ice cream treats, plenty of chicken wings and many many kinds of dessert.

Shortly after my birthday month wrapped up, we flew to Bangkok for vacation. I again, (naively) assumed my free-pass got an extension. I ate to my heart's delight, with not a thought or care for calorie computation. This was after all, I said to myself, one of the few vacations I take with my family.

At the Bitec Convention Center BKK, eating some sort of uh,
sweet pancit bihon. This is me being 'adventurous" :p

At a Buddhist Temple (I forget the name :p) with the folks!

With the Bangkok one though, no qualms :) Sulit na din ang 5lbs!

Balikbayans in the House!
And when I say "balikbayans in the house" I don't mean it like the club DJ means it. I mean it like "we have balikbayans staying over in the house for 2 weeks". I wrote about it a few entries ago when I talked about how my Tita Nene and my Tito Cesar who stayed over for a fun two weeks in the house.

In the Philippines, having balikbayans over mean endless trips to the Duty Free store. And I think all Pinoys would have to agree that trips to Duty Free mean CHOCOLATES. Plenty ass chocolates.

At Kanin Club (again!) after my speech at TU

Since our guests came, the food hasn't stopped coming in, too! They would go visit their other relatives and come home with jsut so much food! And they never stop offering us food. And for some reason, you kind of don't wanna cross your visitors by declining when they offer. I guess it's really the Pinoy brand of hospitality where you do things to make sure your visitors are happy. For us and our visitors, those "things" meant eating any and all the food the bring home and offer.

It also doesn't help that we are almost drowning in Heshey's kisses and many other kinds of wonderful chocolate. With chocolates, I know my way even without the balikbayan prodding :p This playing host to our kind guests meant not a craving not satisfied and also -- omg, I can barely fit into my office uniform.

And Finally, Saging at Kamote
Okay, I figured just now how long-ass that intro was. The only point I am trying to make is that, I  need to lose weight. And to do that, saging and kamote!

Oh, also because Kuya (my Mum's youngest brother) is getting married! Woop Woop! Kuya Ton and Ate Mae are tying the knot on May 13 (yup, Friday the 13th y'all) and surprise, I will be part of the entourage. Which means I will be wearing a gown, which means the gown will look a lot prettier minus a few pounds.

So yeah, saging and kamote. Cross your fingers for me and my new friends, saging and kamote for the next 22 days! I have no idea how long I can keep this up, so wish me luck! :)

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