Thursday, May 05, 2011

I Wonder How it Feels Like

I caught the Royal Wedding on TV with my folks at home. We were flipping channels for a while and finally settled with the BBC coverage. We caught the whole thing. We started watching when Prince William boarded his Royce and made his way to the Westminster Abbey with Harry (who btw, looked super in that very princely outfit). And then Mrs. Middleton, then Prince Charles and Camilla, and then the Queen and Prince Philip - and finally Kate, in her beautiful (understatement) Alexander McQueen gown  :) She looked glorious!

Little Grumpy Flower Girl totally steals the Royal Couple's thunder --
while still being totally adorable!

I think Kate lost considerable weight. I would think some of it she lost on purpose but some of it because of the stress and pressure from all the planning. But she looked divine! I was just so fascinated at how everything looked polished, in place and yes, perfect, if you may. It seemed like an alternate reality!

Everyone looked on TV like they were wearing exactly the right thing. Like there was a "costume director" that called out the clothes so they'd all look appropriate on TV. With the exception of the two princesses behind the Queen who looked a bit confused with their hats, everybody looked TV-ready. There was not a flower not in place. The timing of the entrances was flawless. Heck, even the two priests in black who pulled out the cushions where the Prince and Kate knelt were in perfect harmony!

While of course I was riveted to the ceremony with pretty much the rest of the world, I couldn't stop thinking how different these people's lives are from the common folk. The whole time I was preoccupied with thoughts about being born into royalty, having a last name with unbelievable stun value (or not having to use a last name at all) and hobnobbing with only all the beautiful, the powerful and the wealthy of the world.

I'm one of the very few little girls who never really dreamed of becoming a princess. I read a lot of fairy tales growing up but I kind of never got to relate to the blonde girl in the book who gets into a lot of trouble with witches and always gets saved by the dashing young prince form the nearby castle. Watching this wedding though, made me seriously wonder how all that'd feel like. Hmm.

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