Friday, March 23, 2012

The Joys of 25

I posted this on my Facebook status yesterday:
I just realized today how much I love being 25 :) Never have I felt that the realm of my possibilities been ever bigger than it is now. Cheers to life!

I was driving yesterday when it dawned on me how much fun-ner life has been (and will be) since I turned 25. (Oh, how I love the driver's seat for moments like these!) Never have I felt more in control, more able, and more ready to take on the world. I have never been this excited. Ever.

3 Adults in the Family
I am just so thankful for many things right now. My parents and I are in a great place in our relationship. They are finally seeing and regarding me as an adult and our relationship feels a whole lot different (and better) compared to when I was transitioning from teenager to fledgling adult. They are according me with more respect as an adult while at the same time keeping the home feeling like a safe place, a refuge.

Familia Zaragoza photo op on my 25th birthday party :p

Love You Long Time (and I mean... looong time)
I am at a time in my life when I can identify the friendships that are most important to me. At 25, you have gone through a considerable number of things (drama included) that bring to the fore the people that make the decision to be an integral part of your life. Amidst transitioning from child to adult, moving out of school and starting with work, and all the life issues in between, there are people who prove themselves to you, over and over and over. These people are a constant and they help shape the person you become, not only because you share common values, but because they are a great influence to you.

With my 2 most favorite people in the world, Mahal and Neng :)

The Greats, Up Close
The Heavens have also so graciously gifted me with wonderful business (and life) mentors. The last year has introduced me to many successful people as well as to the opportunity to learn from all of them. I can never be more thankful for the association to all these successes and the hope that the sucessess are replicable in my life as well. It is indeed true that the biggest successes are also the kindest hearts. I am thankful that I have witnessed their successes very closely. More than wanting to achieve the same, or even more success for myself, seeing what kind of wonderful people they turned out to be because of their successes inspires me to work harder to achieve it.

Hunger is a Great Thing
I also realized that the one thing that has been making me happy is how I have never ever this much hungry about learning. I am excited every day because I have learned to see that everyday is an opportunity to learn.  My vision for myself is still a work in progress but knowing that every new day is a building block towards that makes waking up everyday worth while.

The Best Is Yet To Come :)
Now more than ever do I believe what T. Harv Eker says, "What you focus on, grows." I have been blessed with the gift of a healthy perspective and I am very grateful to see things the way I see them now. What makes things more exciting is that I believe that - it can only get better from here :)

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