Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Biggest Successes are the Biggest Hearts, Too!

Surot, Poleng, and I were at an event yesterday at the Mega Conference Hall where Traci were to speak. We had a few minutes to kill before the program starts so I decided to come up to Traci and ask for photos.

Just to help put things in perspective, Traci is one half of the THE Traci and Monte Schumacher. They are very, very, very successful business people from Provo, Utah (if I am correct, heee).She is a fitness coach and her husband is a retired army man. They built a business empire spanning 52 countries in 25 years and still growing and counting. At the present, the money that comes in to their family is staggering.

Just to give you an idea, they can afford to buy one BMW X6 every month. One EVERY MONTH! Not that they do that, but the size of their wealth will allow them to do that if ever they decide to :p

With Traci "I Think I'm Part Filipino, Too" Schumacher :)

In what feels like a scene straight out of a bad Filipino slapstick comedy, my camera dies just when I was about to take Surot and Traci's photo. I think we were all ready to just shake her hand and head back to our she seats when she said, "Oh, ran out of batter? Let's take with my phone instead!" After which she proceeds to give me her iPhone and went back to gamely posing with Surot. And then Poleng, and myself.

As if the kindness showed wasn't enough to throw us off already, she then proceeds to ask each of us our email addresses. She patiently typed up all our emails on her phone and sent us the pictures right on the spot! We walked back to our seats, all incredulous at what just happened. Poleng even told me she was expecting Traci to be masungit (snooty) so she couldn't believe herself when Traci gave here the tightest squeeze when we took their picture.

I mean it it wholeheartedly when I say Traci is definitely one of the nicest and most sincere people I have ever met. She gives a whole new meaning to warmth and kindness! Thank you Traci for restoring my faith in success and making me want it more. I wrote her in an email that she "inspires me to be more successful if success means being as warm and kind and big-hearted as she is." <3

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