Monday, July 16, 2012

I Want...

I'm looking for something but I can't quite put a finger on what it is. Is that weird? It's like something is missing, it's just that I don't know what it is.

I spent the last  hour on the internet doing embarrassing internet searches. None of the "will-ruin-my-reputation" types but more of the "really?' types. It's a little pointless to mention that and not give you my actual search strings and rob you of the joy of laughing at me and the juvenile randomness (you know I just wanted to put those 2 words there, teehee).

Open on my Firefox tabs are Philbert Dy's menu of movie of reviews, Hunger Games and John Carter reviews, a youtube clip of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone (okay okay, the title of the clip is "Andrew and Emma Best/Cute Moments" -- and yes, I plan to watch 2 and 3 also), an Andrew Garfieild photo feature, um... Yahoo OMG Boys of Summer (... so this is how shame feels like haha!), and a Thought Catalog article by Chelsea Fagan, "Crying is Awesome."

Aren't they the cutest? (Photo credit:

I want to write more. But as of late, the only entries I am coming up with are whiny, broody, or giddy vanity entries. In my head before I write, I was hoping to come up with witty lines and sentences about my everyday life. But they just end up... lines and sentences about my everyday life. Haha! Let's get some practice today. And have some fun while at it, too!

That's what I'm talking about! (Photo Credit: Luigina Foggetti -

I want a comfy, cushy seat, a great view, and enough time to kill. I haven't had lazy Saturday/Sunday done right. There's an art to it and I don't want it to just be staying in your jammies til it's time to sleep again. I want lazy Saturday to have a flow but just a little slower. The kind where I can get lost in my thoughts for a good half hour, snap out of it wake up to the company of stories and laughter. I want good brunch food with pretty eggs and fluffy pancakes and real good coffee. And real good cake. Or gelato.

I want to be in my favorite shirt, good socks and ratty running shoes. I want sweat to roll down my forehead, my thighs slightly burning, my feet a little sore while I round the UP oval a third time on a breezy Thursday evening. I want to feel that power in my legs and that burst of stamina brewing in my belly ready  to fuel a second wind.

Parivrtta-Janusirsasana - sarappp! (Photo credit:

I want to be seated in a heated room, on a sticky mat, with yellow lights shining on my face. I want to touch my toes and stretch my legs and bend it like a pretzel in a hot yoga room. I want to be given a pat by my good teacher and told that I do the pose so well. I want to feel that slight pain and pressure and relief as a go deeper into a pose. I want that happy glow of gratefulness after a good yoga class and that feeling of knowing your body a little bit better.

I want to be in happy huddle of friends over coffee, laughing so hard at an inside joke my tummy hearts and happy tears rolling down my cheeks from too much squinting. I want to be in the middle of great shared humor and the warmth of great friendship. I want a blurry evening of laughter and great stories. I want a heart throbbing with pride and joy at the blessing of having found kindred souls to share great moments and memories.


I think that's just what I needed :)

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