Saturday, July 21, 2012

Let's Do Some (Virtual) Shopping, Shall We? (The Charles and Keith Edition)

What better way to while away a rainy Saturday evening than to go shopping? Granted all the shopping to be done is uh... virtual haha. But retail therapy, virtual or otherwise is always fun!

My go to place for shoe eye candy will always be Charles and Keith. Since there is no Charles and Keith Philippines online (at least in the main website), I picked the Singapore site. I just thought there'd be more selections there cos that's where it's from?

Anyhoo, my virtual self has a hundred grand to spare. Yuh-huh, disposable income! (and uh-huh, virtual! haha) This is where that money will go :)

C&K - Head over Heels (SGD56)
 For starters, I'd go with this nude strappy heels. They go in black and red, too. But I feel this is the most elegant looking of the three. This should go very well with black painted toe nails and cropped pants!

C&K - Perfect Partner (SGD44)
Next up is this very straightforward red and nude slip ons. Perfect for days when you don't want to give too much thought to your wardrobe but still want to put on a hint of put-together but subtle elegance to the ensemble.

C&K - Color Luxe (SGD59)
Isn't this platform heel so feminine and powerful, at the same time? This should be perfect for regular outfits that need an "oomph". Casual Friday night with friends? Black shirt and dark denims feeling so blah? Throw this on and you're game on!

C&K - Demure (SGD56)
Isn't this color just a happy burst of sunshine? :) This would look so good with maxi dress in a happy color, too!

C&K - Tropical Escapaders (SGD47)
This white sandal just screams lazy Sunday :) It's the kind of foot wear you sport for early Sunday al fresco dinner/QT with the family. I can imagine being in a clean, crisp, white shorts and a flowy, floral top with this :)

C&K - Modern Meadows (SGD59)
It's a happy combo of casual and elegant. Plus, it's a wedge shoe so extra points for comfort (at least over heels haha).

C&K - Treasure Forever (SGD80)
Since this is virtual shopping, never mind that the info page for this shoe has the boxes 39 and 40 (my shoe size) crossed out - meaning unavailable. I like this one cos it's the kind you can wear with if you're trying to pull off 'corporate chic' -- not too stiff but not too casual-y either.

C&K - Striking Sandals (SGD96)
Isn't this sucha power shoe? I'd think with a killer pair like this, you'd never have a fashion blah day!

C&K - Sparkling Ensemble (SGD54)
It's cute and formal and low profile. It's like you mean business but are still saying "I'm a girl" :)


Now to make all that disposable money in real life currency. Hmmm.

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