Sunday, August 19, 2012

Those who dwell, don't do well

"When you accept that life is difficult, it's not as difficult anymore."
A few days ago, I learned of a new way to look at things. It was so commonsensical, it was a little funny listening to it. It was something I thought I understood, by default. But it hit some raw nerves, and it was a bit painful. It was painful, which is why I think it stuck.

Why is David Beckham very successful in soccer?

David Beckham is very successful in soccer because accepted the fact that he cannot use his hands to play soccer. He didn't whine that the game was unfair -- that he can't touch the ball with his hands, that it's difficult to play without touching the ball with his hands, yadda yadda.

Instead, he focused on getting better at handling the ball with his legs, with his head, with his body and not with his hands.

He wasn't a bitch about it. That's why he got so good.

Why is Michael Jordan very successful in basketball?

Michael Jordan is one of the greatest basketball players ever because he lived with the fact that there will always be a shot clock, that there will always be very good players trying to block him every time he attempts to shoot the ball, that there will be people in the audience who will boo him when he tries to shoot a free throw, that there will be lines on the court that will restrict areas where he can play. He understood that he has to accept these things if he wants to be great at basketball.

He didn't dwell on the things that are part of the game, he accepted them. He lived with them and worked his ass off to become very good in basketball.

My take away? Things you can't control  versus the things you can control. Control the things you can control and the things out of your control? Accept that they are out of your control. And stop the f**k trying to control them. It only brings unnecessary frustration.

The rules are very simple - but with the way we are wired, following them is a different story.

Becks  and MJ may or may not know the rules, but they sure followed the heck outta them.

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